For months, many of Netflix’s most popular stars and personalities from their various dating series have referenced or alluded to a new show. However many of us couldn’t expect that Netflix would be pairing up its most eligible singles in a manic and zany reality show that is as entertaining as it is insane. Perfect Match is that show that lines up the titans of relationship reality TV on Netflix.

The premise is that the show brings on women and men from their Netflix dating series, and puts them together in this giant villa. There are compatibility competitions that the couples partake in to determine who’s a stronger match. The winner brings in two new singles. Making for an extra number of a particular gender. Anyone who’s not matched at the end goes home. By the end, the show will determine who is the ‘Perfect Match’.


Netflix must’ve known that they hit gold with this series knowing who was going to be on. There are fan favorites, vilified individuals that some have grown to dislike, and honestly, even some people I had never heard of before although admittingly I’ve never seen The Circle.

There’s a good variety of people and they all come with strong personalities and they clash, constantly. There was a good amount of conflict on the show and a hearty amount of arguments and fighting. There are also some people just openly making out on a couch, so that should tell you all but enough about what to expect from Perfect Match.

Some of the pairings don’t always work, but at the same time it’s a reality competition show; some people openly admit to pairing with someone for the sake of strategy.


Admittingly the show is very much for people who are fans of shows like Sexy Beasts, The Ultimatum, The Mole, and (my favorite) Love Is Blind; I doubt if most people haven’t at least watched one of these shows they’d have enough of an investment in this show. Sure, the show does a good job of giving a bit of backstory for each person; but for some people like Love Is Blind‘s Shayne and Bartise, I feel like you had to have seen their full seasons to get the full picture.

Admittingly too unlike some of these shows, these aren’t people who are all looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. Whereas on Love Is Blind everyone is on the same page, not everyone is on this show and it made me feel non-invested in the participants at times. It’s harder to root for someone wanting a booty call.

Still, if watching schlocky reality shows is your thing, or if you enjoy the proverbial tea that is served on these shows, I feel like you’ll have enough to enjoy.

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