I first learned about the world famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo from Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. His handmade shoes were and are still iconic. As we know, Jimmy Choo has done a few collaborations over the years, but now he’s coming for the anime community with his magnificent collaboration with Sailor Moon.

To celebrate Sailor Moon’s 30th Anniversary, the series has teamed up with luxury shoe designer Jimmy Choo. Originally Jimmy Choo released a crystal boot design that had approximately 19,000 Swarovski Crystals. The boots cost a hefty $15,000, but never fear you can enjoy looking at them in the Sailor Moon Museum.

Now, the luxury brand is releasing a whole collection for you to take home from books, to sneakers, purses and wallets. This incredible collection drops in store on February 14th, and online February 15th. So far there are 26 items in this collaboration. Check them out below!


Each shoe is inspired by each original Sailor Scout: Venus, Mercy, Mars, Jupiter, and of course Sailor Moon herself. There are also shoes inspired by Usagi’s guardian, Luna as well as the Manga series.

Prices on the shoes should range from $725 up to $1825. Which one is your favorite?


This incredible collection of leather bags come in a multitude of styles. There are 2 different tote designs, with matching wallets. There’s also a wrist bag which is super cool. Then the 6 different Sailor Scout Purses in Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, & Kiss Scene Designs. They are crafted out of white leather in their classic shoulder bag style with coloured hardware and a Swarovski crystal and pearl strap.

Prices on the purses should range from $495 up to $1995. Which one is your favorite?


There is also a phone strap purse, or Varenne style, with a cute black and white Manga design. If you’re looking for something even smaller, check out these card carriers in Jimmy Choo’s classic Lise-Z style.These come in two designs: Kiss Scene & Five Sailors.

Prices should range from $425 up to $650. Which one is your favorite?


I love that Luna isn’t forgotten in this collection. Not only does she have boots designed after her, there’s also 2 different clutch styles. The Luna Minaudiere is described as “whimsical yet practical”. The purse is crafted in plexi with a soft lined interior. There are also their signature pearls adorned on the strap.

If you want to add even more Luna charm to your wallets, card holders, etc. there will also be an adorable Luna Charm!

At this point I would give my right arm for the colorful sneakers and a Sailor Jupiter bag. What are your favorite items coming to the Jimmy Choo and Sailor Moon collaboration?? Comment and let me know!

Source: Sailor Moon Fan Network