The manga Blue Thermal by Kana Ozawa is a new one for me. A manga about a Japanese aviation club starring a female protagonist? It certainly seems interesting for any aviation fans out there, and it seems that animation studio Telecom Animation Film made an anime film adaptation of it back in early 2022. Unfortunately, it’s been a Japanese-only release for a while. Fortunately, Eleven Arts and Shout! Factory are here to do something about that. In fact, the latter even have an official trailer ready for us to promote this anime film. You can check it out below:

Blue Thermal: So I’m Gonna Fly!

Honestly, this whole premise is reminding of a more realistic Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Eleven Arts and Shout! Factory are proud to announce that they’re bringing Blue Thermal to home video with a Blu-ray and digital release. The digital download version is, of course, going to just include the anime film only. The Blu-ray version, however, is also pretty bare bones. The only bonus features in the Blu-ray release is going to be an interview with the director Masaki Tachibana (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0Princess PrincipalBarakamon), and a bunch of “character highlights” videos.

'Blue Thermal' Blu-ray 3D box art.
I guess you can count the Blu-ray box art as another bonus?

So when are we going to get to see Blue Thermal on home video? Unfortunately, while the trailer above mentions at the end that it’s out now on both digital and Blu-ray, that’s not actually the case. Both versions of the anime film will actually go on sale on March 14, 2023. Fortunately, it’s not that long a wait, given how it’s only just over a month away as of this writing. You can in fact preorder this anime film from Shout! Factory right now. The Blu-ray has a list price of $26.98, but Shout! Factory is currently offering a preorder discount that drops it down to $21.99. So if you want to fly higher than you ever could, then you might want to think about giving that discounted price a shot.