Crunchyroll seems to finally be allowing people to have the ultimate premium edition of their anime. What I mean by that are the home video releases for their anime. It might take until February of next year to get them, but they will arrive. Now all we have to do is wait.

Crunchyroll and the Ultimate Premium?

"Horimiya" Standard Edition Blu-ray + DVD cover art.
One of the best romcom anime ever devised, and now you can own it forever. Or at least until Blu-ray players become obsolete.

Crunchyroll is proud to announce their new home video releases scheduled for February 2023. What they really mean by that are the Blu-ray releases, and the Blu-ray plus DVD combo sets if they’re available. If you want the ultimate premium you can keep until people eventually stop making players that can read Blu-ray, then this is your thing.

The list of anime Crunchyroll is making available for home media release is quite extensive too. You have one of the best romantic comedy anime ever made, along with one of the best isekai anime ever made. Of course, then you have your typical bog standard isekai anime featuring an overpowered male protagonist gathering a harem, but you can ignore it if you have zero interest in that kind of isekai anime. Fortunately, we even have a Strike Witches anime finally seeing the light of Blu-ray release. If you’re a fan of that military science fantasy series, this might interest you. For the full list of anime Crunchyroll is giving Blu-ray releases to, check out said full list below:

Crunchyroll February 2023 Blu-ray Release Schedule

February 7

Horimiya – The Complete Season – Blu-ray + DVD

"Horimiya" Standard Edition Blu-ray + DVD spread.
Seriously, if you haven’t watched HoriMiya and you like romcom anime, then you need to check it out.

Horimiya – The Complete Season Limited Edition – Blu-ray + DVD

"Horimiya" Limited Edition Blu-ray + DVD spread.
This version is for if you really like the anime.

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord – Season 2 – Blu-ray

"How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord - Season 2" Blu-ray spread.
Well, at least this isekai harem anime doesn’t feature a Kirito clone as the male lead. That’s an improvement, at least.

February 14

The Slime Diaries – The Complete Season – Blu-ray

"The Slime Diaries - The Complete Season" Blu-ray spread.
If you want to watch an isekai anime, pick this one. It’s way better than that other one.

World Witches Take Off! – The Complete Season – Blu-ray

"World Witches Take Off! - The Complete Season" Blu-ray spread.
AKA: Strike Witches: When Chibi Goes International.

February 21

Love After World Domination – The Complete Season – Blu-ray

"Love After World Domination - The Complete Season" Blu-ray spread.
If you’re a Power Rangers fan, this anime will probably be for you.

Source: Crunchyroll

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