Fantastic Four fans may not have a new movie yet but that does not mean there are not some amazing collectibles out there. From action figures to statues, there is something out there for any die-hard Fantastic Four fan; and thanks to Diamond Select Toys that list just continues to grow with their The Thing Premier Collection Statue. Paying homage to the classic Fantastic Four comics The Thing retails for $175 and is available now at and local comic and toy shops.

The Thing

The Thing Premier Collection Statue

Thanks to our friends over at Diamond Select Toys I was able to get my hands on The Thing to review. As someone who has always been a Marvel fan, I was excited about this piece because I really have not dived into the Fantastic Four that much, and now what better time than now? So here is a look and my thoughts on The Thing Premier Collection Statue.

The Thing

It’s clobberin’ time! The ever-loving blue-eyed Thing arrives in the Premier Collection as an all-new classically styled statue! The Fantastic Four’s rocky curmudgeon strikes a fighting pose in front of a poster announcing an upcoming wrestling match, and clocks in at about 9 inches tall. Featuring detailed sculpting and paint applications, this statue is limited to only 3,000 pieces and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity.

Designed by Caesar, hand-sculpted by Clayburn Moore!

Source: Diamond Select Toys

The Thing Premier Collection Statue Review

When doing my reviews I look at many things. Those things are packaging, sculpt and paint quality, and displayability. I also always like to get the negatives out of the way first so we can always finish up on the good stuff. So without any more waiting here are my cons and pros of The Thing Premier Collection Statue.

The Thing

Cons of The Thing Premier Collection Statue

The good thing about this statue is that it is simple and because of this there really aren’t a lot of negatives about it. But because this statue is simple there are a couple things that some collectors may frown upon.

  • In order to see The Thing’s face and the background (the fight poster) there are really only a couple of angles you can display this statue to get the full effect.
  • This statue has a huge base so it will take up a lot of space.
  • The Thing comes in two pieces the statue and the base there are no extra accessories if you are looking for something that has different display options.
  • At a price point of $175, some may feel this is a little out of their price range. But this is about an average price of a statue this size.
The Thing

Pros of The Thing Premier Collection Statue

Paying homage to the classic Fantastic Four Comics The Thing has a lot going for it. From the packaging to the sculpt this statue is worth checking out. Here are some of the Pros of this piece.

  • The Thing Premier Collection Statue is packaged very well as it is encased in a styrofoam block. It also has plastic around the statue to protect the paint job.
  • If for some reason you want to keep your statue in the box, the box art looks amazing. Also, the back of the box gives a summary of this statue.
  • This statue comes in two pieces, The Thing and the base. This makes it easy to assemble.
The Thing
  • The scuplt of the statue and the base are simple but at the same time very detailed. This piece looks as if it came right out of the comics.
  • The paint job does a great job of giving this statue a comic book feel. From the dirt look on the base to The Thing himself the paint job does an amazing job of bringing out every little detail of this piece.
  • The Base is wide and heavy making the statue easy to display without the fear of it tipping over easily.
  • Each statue comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity

My Final Thoughts

If you are a Marvel Fantastic Four collector this statue is a must-have. Yeah, it is a good size and can take up some space but that is not enough to make me want to pass on this. With its amazing paint details and sculpt this statue can easily be the highlight of your Fantastic Four collection. Also, with The Thing Premier Collection being only limited to 3000 pieces you will want to make sure to add this piece to your collection before it is gone.

The Thing

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