That’s right, Royal Mail in the UK is adding Iron Maiden to its list of culturally iconic stamps. The set of twelve stamps is a tribute to one of the most revered and influential heavy metal bands of all time. Eight of the stamps feature images of their legendary live performances over the years. The other four are dedicated to the band’s mascot, Eddie. Iron Maiden are only the fifth band to receive this honor from Royal Mail, the others being The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, and the Rolling Stones.

You can pre-order the stamps today at Royal Mail’s website or over the phone in the UK on +44 (0)3457 641 641. The stamps go on general sale on January 12th, 2023 with a presentation pack containing all 12 stamps at £17.70.

Here’s the list of live performances the stamps show off:

  • Steve Harris in Vancouver, June 2010
  • Bruce Dickinson at Hammersmith, Odeon, London, May 1983
  • Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Steve Harris in Pamplona, September 1988
  • Nicko McBrain in Quito, March 2009
  • Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson and Janick Gers in Rio de Janeiro, January 2001
  • Adrian Smith and Steve Harris in Helsinki, May 2018
  • Iron Maiden at Twickenham Stadium, London, July 2008
  • Bruce Dickinson sword fighting with Eddie in Birmingham, August 2018

The last four stamps show off Eddie from various points in Iron Maiden’s career:

  • Eddie from Iron Maiden, their debut album
  • “The Trooper” Eddie, from the single artwork off Piece of Mind
  • “Aces High” Eddie, from the single artwork off Powerslave
  • “Samurai” Eddie from artwork off Senjutsu

There are plenty of collector options for these stamps including limited edition gold stamp sets, platinum stamps with a case, and framed options as well. You can buy them in bulk to actually use as stamps, or just get a sheet for yourself and your collection.

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