Of all the recent DC shows that made their way to the CW and other platforms, it seems Superman and Lois are on the most solid footing. They have good ratings, and fans love Tyler Hoechlin‘s version of Clark Kent. But, now they’re getting reinforcements from a familiar foe. We can exclusively reveal that Lex Luthor is making his way to Superman and Lois for the show’s third season. After the split of Superman and Lois from the Arrowverse and Jon Cryer‘s portrayal of Luthor sent to the Phantom Zone.

With the big reveal at the end of season two that the Earth for Superman and Lois was Earth-Prime; we need a new Lex Luthor. THS has acquired some casting details about Lex Luthor for season three. It also gives insight into what kind of villain the show is looking for.

Lex Luthor For Superman And Lois

He’s hellbent on destroying those who he feels are responsible for ruining his life. A chilling businessman, who’s rogue and amoral.

The casting calls for someone who’s late 40s, white, and male.

So for those who are thinking this might be a one-off appearance or something else, the information also states that this is for a recurring guest star with an option to be bumped up to regular for season four. So not only are we getting Lex Luthor, but it sounds like he’ll be a significant focus for the third season of Superman and Lois.

From the looks of that description, Luthor is not messing around. It also means we’ll get a more dangerous and brutal character version from Jon Cryer’s portrayal. We’ll have to see how much it features Lex Luthor among the other characters on the show when Superman and Lois season three comes out.

You can watch Superman and Lois on The CW and at TheCW.com.

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