When I learned about the new Harry Potter Magic Cast Wand I won’t lie, I was skeptical. However, I was invited to a special one-on-one demo opportunity. Now, I’m sold!

When I entered the room at Warner Bros Studio, the theming was on point. Surrounding me was the artwork of my favorite characters, as well as the 4 wands on display for me to check out. Mike Goslin is the product lead for the Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand, and he’s no stranger to huge fandoms when it comes to new products. Goslin previously led innovation at Disney for many years. His highlights include the most successful wearable augmented reality experience to date – Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. He’s also responsible for the first massively multiplayer online game for kids and families – Disney’s Toontown Online. While doing all of this he managed to author over 100 patents covering AR/VR, Internet of Things, and AI. So, to say he knows what he’s doing is an understatement.


With the new Harry Potter Magic Caster Wand, wizards and muggles alike can bring to life spells like never before. Sure, at the parks you can get an interactive wand and make cute spells happen. However, with this wand, you can learn over 50 cannon spells, control the lights in your home, and duel with your friends!

When you connect your wand to the companion app, that’s where the magic begins. You don’t earn all the spells immediately, you have to earn them. But once you unlock the magic, you can interact with your Bluetooth-enabled/wi-fi connected smart home devices. According to the team, the library of spells will continue to be updated, along with new compatible smart home devices, activities, and functionality. This way there will always be something new to practice and master!

When you open the box, everything lights up – the wand, the box – and it sings to you. The box is also used as the wand’s charger which I think is a super smart detail. Personally, I loved learning how to perform these spells! Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. However, as we know, practice makes Prefect and I was getting the hang of it in no time. I really enjoyed all the sounds, vibrations, and animations that would happen whether I was getting the spell wrong or right. All the little attention to detail really makes this wand and experience special.

If you want to see a video of my up close and personal tutorial with the Magic Caster Wand, head over to That Hashtag Show and Smells Like Teen Angst on social media!


The clever interactive connected wand encompasses the following key features:

  • Gesture recognition (more than 50 spells at launch)
  • Haptics/vibration motor
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Magical illumination (multi-color LEDs)
  • Interactive Wand Box with audio and multi-color illumination
  • Dueling functionality allowing users to duel with friends (2 wands and 2 smart devices with app required)


Typically, the wand chooses the Wizard, but this time around we get to choose! There are currently 4 wand options to choose from: Heroic, Honourable, Loyal, and Defiant. That said, Heroic is an exclusive limited-edition wand made in a quantity of 1,000 for Harry Potter Fan Club members. This wand is currently sold out, but the other 3 are just as magical!


Rugged and aged in appearance, this wand was designed for those with powerful intuition and an affinity for the magic of the natural world. Its warmth will draw those with strength, courage, and conviction. For the best or worst of times, this wand feels as exemplary as the one who wields it.


Ethereal and hypnotic, the design of this wand is truly captivating. Striated with a round orb at the end of its handle, it exudes a protective feeling. Appealing to owners who are wise beyond their years, it is a perfect match for those who value grace and artistry.


Imposing in appearance, the design of this wand is slightly bent and features visible cracks – attributes, rather than imperfections, which embody a sense of internal strength. It is a perfect match for those who hold fast to their beliefs, regardless of how they are perceived.


Crafted with elegant curves and ornate details, this wand was designed with magical innovators
and inventors in mind. It exudes confidence, purpose, and trust, appealing to a brilliant mind
that appreciates unusual versatility and adaptability.


Currently, you can purchase the 3 Harry Potter Magic Caster wants on its website: https://www.harrypottermagiccasterwand.com/

Each wand cost $150 + Shipping/Handling and Taxes. At the moment, the wands are only available in the United States and the UK with hopes of expanding in the near future.

Later this year, the wand(s) will be available for purchase at the following physical locations – Harry Potter New York, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Harry Potter’s Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross, The Harry Potter Shop at Heathrow Airport (T5), as well as The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition at The London Film Museum.

A phone or tablet with the free Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand app and registration for a free account is required to unlock the full functionality of the Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand. Registration for an account may require a parent or guardian’s permission in certain territories.  

So, what do you think? Will you be ordering a Magic Caster Wand? I know I will!