The reveal frenzy for new Spider-Man: No Way Home toys started yesterday with LEGO sets from the upcoming Marvel movie. Today Marvel officially showed off more Pop! and Marvel Legends figures from the film. Check them out below.

Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of SHOVELS?

Credit: Marvel

Why does he have a shovel? Who is he burying? Those are trending questions on Twitter this morning after people saw this figure. All that remains a mystery for now. We do know that Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is showing up in No Way Home. We’ll have to see when the movie releases this December.

MJ Gets A New POP! Figure

Credit to: Marvel

Nothing really to see here, besides Zendaya getting another Pop! Figure. Her and Peter’s relationship will likely be tested with everyone in the world knowing Spider-Man’s identity.

Flash Thompson Gets His Own POP!

Credit: Marvel

Really nothing to see here, unless Flash is somehow a big part of the narrative. Maybe he’s the one that causes Peter’s issues in the film?

Doctor Strange Suit For Spider-Man?

Credit: Marvel

This is the first of the perplexing toys released. Is that a Doctor Strange inspired suit for Spider-Man? It definitely looks like it. If the rumors to Doctor Strange being Peter’s mentor in this film are true, then this suit makes some sense.

Black And Gold For Peter Parker

Credit: Marvel

This black and gold suit is the coolest one of the bunch. Why does Peter get a new suit like this? Maybe this is a trick to disguise the other Spider-Men coming from the multi-verse? That’s the hot rumor at the moment.

Marvel Legends Gives Us An Updated J. Jonah Jameson And Strange

That looks like the standard Doctor Strange, and he doesn’t have a shovel…J. Jonah Jameson is looking as good as ever with this new figure.

Finally Spider-Man Rounds Out The Marvel Legends

These are beautiful looks at the new suits for Spider-Man in the film. The one on the right looks similar to his Infinity War/Endgame suit, but with some smaller changes. Obviously the black/gold suit is new for the film, and looks just as awesome here.

We’ll have to see what these figures mean in the grand scheme of the movie when it releases in theaters December 17th, 2021.

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Source: Marvel