Have you ever heard of the manga Beast Code by Takahiro Yonemura and Megumi Akita? If you haven’t, then welcome to the club. Fortunately for the few who have heard of this manga or the mangakas, eigoMANGA has heard of them. Not only that, but they want to publish this manga to boot. In fact, they’ve already done so as of this writing.

Beast Code: Details

"Beast Code" Vol. 1 cover art.
I swear, that pterodactyl dragon thing looks like it’s made of plastic.

eigoMANGA is proud to announce their publication of Beast Code. This is a new action adventure science fantasy manga by writer Takahiro Yonemura (Utawarerumono composer) and artist Megumi Akita. The latter of who has no information anywhere about her whatsoever, but at least Yonemura worked on something reasonably famous (even if we didn’t expect the composer of Utawarerumono to write his own manga). Atsuo Kusada translated this manga into English.

I see that there will be plenty of dragons in this manga.

As for what Beast Code is about? Wall, eigoMANGA have an official synopsis for us today to help with that. You can check it out below:

“Beast Code” tells the story of Raiki, a high school student, who transforms into a dragon because he was born with the ‘Beast Code DNA’ that laid dormant within him and generations of other people for centuries. Raiki now struggles with his new abilities and clashes with others who also possess the Beast Code DNA but plan to use their powers for wrongdoing. Conversely, Raiki’s girlfriend Tomoko possesses DNA that instinctively compels her to battle against anyone who has the Beast Code DNA. What is the fate of this couple who are now forced to fight to the death because of their genetic code? Beast Code is an ambitious sci-fi fantasy that asks what dictates the destiny of people: love or biogenetics?

Beast Code went on sale on November 14, 2022 for a retail price of $20. You can purchase it not from eigoMANGA themselves, but from a third party distributor called Comic Distro. eigoMANGA doesn’t give any explanation why. My guess is that they can’t afford it. Not a good start for a manga series, but at least someone is publishing it.

Beast Code: Preview Pages

That’s not all, folks. eigoMANGA and Comic Distro also have some preview pages for Beast Code to share with us today. You can check them out below:

"Beast Code" Vol. 1 preview page 1.
Flight of dragons…
"Beast Code" Vol. 1 preview page 2.
…sail past reality.

Source: eigoMANGA, Comic Distro