It looks like Guerilla Games and Firesprite want to hype up Horizon Call of the Mountain really badly. And to coincide with the launch of the PlayStation VR2 to boot. Why else would they reveal the release date for this virtual reality Horizon game along with the preorder trailer? Check out said preorder trailer below:

How You Can Preorder Horizon Call of the Mountain

One of the best 30-second long trailer I’ve seen for a while. Mostly because I’m a great big Horizon fan.

The official PlayStation YouTube channel just posted this preorder trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain. The 30-second long trailer includes clips from the gameplay trailer that debuted a few months ago. Now though, the clips come with a voiceover talking to the main character of this game. Not Aloy as we might expect, but a new guy named Reyes. Apparently, he has to climb the titular mountain and find out why the machines appear to be hellbent on attacking it. His reward? His freedom, since he’s apparently a condemned criminal otherwise. Anything more about the story will have to wait until we actually get to play this virtual reality Horizon game.

Unfortunately, that will still be for a while. This preorder trailer revealed at the end that Horizon Call of the Mountain will exit its Guerilla Games and Firesprite Cauldron on February 22, 2023. As of this writing, that’s a little over 3 month wait until we get to play it. Not that close, but then again, it’s not that far either. The 3 months might pass sooner than you think.

And fortunately, there’s better news. That preorder trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain also comes with a link to the PlayStation Store where you can actually preorder it. Surprisingly, this virtual reality Horizon game has the price of a AAA game at $59.99. This suggests that despite how short it appears to be, it actually will be a fairly lengthy game you can enjoy for dozens of hours. You know, like Horizon Zero Dawn or Horizon Forbidden West. Well, this certainly piques my interest. If you can afford a PlayStation VR2 along with the PS5 needed to attach it to, this might be a Horizon game worth spending that amount of money on. Guerilla Games haven’t let us down so far. I don’t think they’ll start with the very first Horizon virtual reaity game either.

Source: PlayStation YouTube

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