Did you all know that there might’ve been a resurrection of the Parasite Eve series of action RPG horror video games? I didn’t, and apparently, neither did Square Enix, even though they teased it with their Symbiogenesis project. Unfortunately, that project turns out to basically just be a great big lie. Worse, it’s a lie involving a NFT scam. Yes, Square Enix just burned those fans hard. As hard as Melissa Pearce burned her Carnegie Hall audience.

Square Enix Burning Themselves With NFT Scam?

"Symbiogenesis" key art.
Why give this project such a name if not to raise up the hopes of Parasite Eve fans, only to light them on fire?

This whole thing with Symbiogenesis came to a head when Square Enix recently revealed what it actually was on Twitter. With a name like Symbiogenesis, you would think that it had something to do with Parasite Eve. After all, the term itself is the theory that cell organelles like mitochondria evolved from free-swimming microorganisms that larger microorganisms just took in by basically swallowing them without digesting them. The key word here though is the mitochondria, which play a central role in the Parasite Eve games. So naturally, you’d think it would at least have something to do with those games, right?

Wrong! The Symbiogenesis reveal on Twitter only reveals that it’s a “NFT Collectible Art Project” set for release in Spring 2023. It doesn’t even look like a game. Apparently, the whole project is designed around trying to get people to buy as much NFT art as they can using a “story that takes place in an alternate world where the player can ’untangle’ a mystery by completing missions that revolve around questions of the monopolization and distribution of resources”, according to a Square Enix press release on Business Wire. While the browser service for it is apparently free, the NFTs themselves are most certainly not. For extra burn factor, Symbiogenesis doesn’t even have the decency to feature Parasite Eve art as far as we know.

Parasite Eve Fan Reactions: Carnegie Hall Levels of Bad

Only fire lives in the hearts of Parasite Eve fans now.

Naturally, Parasite Eve fans are outraged. After teasing them about the possibility of a revival of that action RPG horror game series only to slap them in the face with a NFT scam, how can you blame them? You can read one of the more memorable Twitter reactions below:

Let the social media fire burn as hard as all those people in Carnegie Hall.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt even this social media dumpster (or more appropriately: opera) fire is going to stop Square Enix from proceeding with their Symbiogenesis plans. After all, this is the same company that basically sold all of their video game franchises in a mad embracing of NFT scams. There’s nothing we gamers can do in the face of a company doing that. All we can do now is hope whoever will buy the Parasite Eve franchise will get around to making more of those games. One of these days. Maybe even next year? We hope, at least.

Source: Twitter, Business Wire