Christmas may be over but that doesn’t the fun is. Whether you are celebrating the holidays a little later, doing a Christmas in July, or just buying gifts you can enjoy all of this over at From ugly sweaters to collectibles has something for every pop culture fan. Speaking of something fun for every pop culture fan sent me two fun items to share with you all; the Star Wars: Fur Wampa Rug and Gremlins Caroling Trio Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater. Both of these items are Fun.Com exclusives and you can check out what I thought about these items below.

Fun.Com Star Wars Furry Wampa Rug

Many people may have bear skin rugs, but how many can say they have a Wampa rug? Well, thanks to you now can be a proud owner of a Star Wars Furry Wampa Rug. This is a fun rug that will go great in any room or office. Here is what I thought about this rug.

Fun.Com: Wampa Rug And Gremlins Caroling Ugly Sweater [Review]
  • With a length of 54 inches, this rug looks great in front of a couch or fireplace.
  • The fur is soft and comfortable to lay on.
  • Each Wamps Rug comes with anti-skid material underneath to help keep the rug from sliding all over.
  • The rug is packaged well but the head takes a little time to get its shape back when unpackaged.
  • The stuffed Wampa head makes a good pillow when relaxing on the floor
  • Also, the best thing about this rug is it will not freeze you to the top of a cave and try to eat you
Fun.Com: Wampa Rug And Gremlins Caroling Ugly Sweater [Review]

My Final Thoughts

If you are a Star Wars fan you will want to have this exclusive Furry Wampa Rug in your collection. Priced at $79.99 this rug will not break the bank. It is a fun and cute rug that will look good wherever you put it. Now when I first opened it I did have to lay something on the paws of the Wampa to flatten them out a little but that can be said about any rug you buy that is rolled up. This will make a great gift for any Star Wars fan including yourself. You will not regret picking one up.

You can get your own Star Wars Furry Wampa Rug by heading over to

Fun.Com Gremlins Caroling Trio Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater

You can never go wrong with an Ugly Sweater during the winter. For Gremlins fans that may be looking for the perfect ugly sweater, you don’t have to look far over at Their exclusive Gremlins Caroling Trio Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater will put any fan in the Holiday mood. Here are my thoughts on this festive ugly sweater.

Fun.Com: Wampa Rug And Gremlins Caroling Ugly Sweater [Review]
I am clearly no model but the sweater looks great.
  • This 100% acrylic ugly sweater is comfortable and does not make you itch like other materials.
  • The waistband and sleeve cuffs fit well and help keep the arms and bottom of the sweater from bunching up on you.
  • The Gremlins caroling on the sweater gives it that nostalgic feel.
  • When looking at sizes you might want to go a size down. I got a 2XL and it ran a little big on me. I think I could have been fine in an XL.

My Final Thoughts

If you are a Gremlins fan this Gremlins Caroling Trio Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater is a must-have! Priced at $49.99 this sweater is a great value. I love the Gremlins caroling it just screams Christmas fun. Like I said mine was a little big on me and I think that I could possibly do an XL instead of a 2XL, but even a little big it still looked good.

You can get your Gremlins Caroling Trio Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater at

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