Netflix, Prime Video, Peacock, Paramount+, HBO Max, and Disney+ are all household names. But they’re posers. With the exception of Peacock, the one thing in common with all these streamers is that they’re posers with it comes to Halloween content. Like people who only go to Church on Christmas, they’re shopping cart Halloween-lovers. Once those orange lights go up, the Jack O’Lanterns come out, and the weather starts to change, they’re all horror hounds. That’s good for one month out of the year, but there’s only one true leader when it comes to horror content all year round. That’s Shudder.

Shudder, if you haven’t heard of it, is the premiere streaming service for all things spooky, scary, frightening, strange, and weird. I wish I could say they were paying me to write this, because it does sound like an advertisement, but no, it’s not. I just love their content and wish more people knew about it. It’s like a curated channel for everything horror, and it’s cheaper than any of the services listed above.

It’s not just the legacy library of rare horror films that Shudder has, their real magic lies in their original content. Sure, it’s great to go and watch Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers at any time. But it’s when you find a show like Slasher: Flesh and Blood or Creepshow, or a movie like V/H/S/99 or Fried Barry. Shudder is showing the world that horror means much more than just a world dominated by franchise IP.

Horror Content For Horror Fans Drives Shudder


Check Twitter any Friday during the regular season of The Last Drive-In or during one of their holiday specials. There’ll be members of the “Mutant Fam” discussing all things Last Drive-In and whatever the double feature that’s being shown. That kind of magic doesn’t come from any other streamer out there.

It’s a kind of love that only comes from fans of the genre and from the top down, Shudder brings that love. Whether that’s reigniting the V/H/S series into a yearly showcase of genre filmmakers or something like the 101 Scariest Movie Moments Of All Time, it’s astounding to see this kind of care put into everything that goes on the service.

So you get what amounts to a textbook of all things horror history with documentaries like In Search of Darkness, the history of queer horror with Queer For Fear, and new films from all kinds of filmmakers like Dario Argento with Dark Glasses. Oh, and don’t get me started on how Shudder actually puts their movies out on physical media.

There’s some aversion to giving people the option to actually own the movies released these days, Disney+ and Hulu refuse to put their movies out on physical media, whereas Shudder invites it. All three seasons of Creepshow are either out on Blu-ray or coming out soon, This Is Gwar is out on Blu-ray soon.

That love I was talking about earlier? That’s what it means. Giving horror fans ANY way to watch their favorite shows and movies. Netflix, Hulu, and all of those companies can’t give a rat’s ass about fans of the genre, they can’t be bothered to put out movies that are exclusive to streaming on Blu-ray.

Don’t Take It From Me, Check Out Shudder Today

It’s not just me that loves Shudder, but check them out at their website: Even from their user interface, they know exactly what their viewers are and how they want to watch. From the top down, Shudder is the best service out there for the money, for respect to the genre, and for fans that love horror movies. You can’t get any better than their subscription for horror classics, new shows, documentaries, and original content year-round.

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