If you are an MTN DEW fan like myself then you know there are always a lot of new and old flavors to add to your DEW Cave. Well, this year not only did we get another Halloween MTN DEW VOO-DEW mystery flavor, but we also got a six-pack of the VOO-DEW flavors of the past heading our way as well. Each 6-pack will retail for $19.99 (including shipping) and will be available for a limited time at the DEW STORE and Walmart.com. You can check out all the DEW-tails below.

The Ghosts of MTN DEW VOO-DEW 6-Pack

The Ghosts of MTN DEW VOO-DEW® Past have haunted The DEW® Store! Must be a DNHQ member to purchase from The DEW® Store, so make sure you’re signed up!

Grim’s greatest hits have risen to create the spookiest, most delicious medley of MTN DEW VOO-DEW in this throwback 6-pack! Contains 2 cans of (2019) MTN DEW VOO-DEW 1.0, 3 cans of (2020), MTN DEW VOO-DEW 2.0, and 1 can of (2021), MTN DEW VOO-DEW 3.0. Limit of two (2) 6-packs per order. Shipping is included in the list price.

Source: MTN DEW

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Source: MTN DEW