Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy The Mail Girl are back for the Halloween season on Shudder with The Last Drive-In! Joe Bob’s Haunted Halloween Hangout airs on Shudder on October 21st! For the occasion, they’re bringing on one of the biggest stars in horror history, Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira! It premieres live and follows the annual tradition of a special double feature just in time for Halloween. Of course, the trick is that you don’t know what movies they’ll be showing beforehand. So we’ll all have to join in on the fun and learn what Joe Bob has selected. You can count on it being something scary and perfect for the season though.

In past years, we’ve had plenty of Halloween surprises, so check in for the ultimate in Joe Bob’s Last Drive-In Show to celebrate the most awesome of holidays!

What movies do you think they’re going to show?

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