During NYCC 2022 the cast of HBO’s hit with the extremely long name took time to chat with us! Here’s what Pennyworth and Co, had to say.


Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne

THS: What is it like to take on the mantle of Thomas Wayne in Pennyworth?

BA: I think that when I was first cast there was a bit of pressure. but that was all alleviated because we realized that we are doing anything that predates canon. So no one can really tell you “YOU’RE WRONG!”

THS: Is there still that on-screen tension between Thomas and Martha?

BA: They are trying to play along as the happy couple 5 years now but things will be revealed about Martha that are going to test their relationship, plus Patrick Wayne stirs up the pot.

THS: What can you say about the relationship between Thomas and Patrick?

BA: Bruno (Heller) has done such a wonderful job eluding the relationship that Bruce and Thomas have because of the foundation that Partick and Thomas started.

THS: With the progression of Thomas in the Pennyworth series how has it been for you to develop him?

BA: It’s fun, it really is! In fact, when we filmed the pilot I didn’t even know that Thomas was in the CIA. So when you see that, it’s my genuine surprise. Playing thru from green new agent to Chief really played against his moral compass.

Pennyworth Showrunners Bruno Heller & John Stevens

THS: What was the choice to do a 5-year time jump?

JS: Well it’s a lot easier NOT having a baby on set. Plus setting it in the psychedelic 70s was a good idea.

THS: What was it like the switch from Epix to HBO Max?

BH: It was fairly seamless. HBO is the Madison Square Garden of platforms. it really tuned up the actors.

THS: What was it like filming during the pandemic?

BH: very elaborate procedures, the team did a great job.

JS: when we would hear that on the lot another show was down because of Covid you would feel it as a whole.

THS: With the new trailer out we see people with powers are we going to get some Pennyworth spins?

BH: You’ll see #$%^&$ sorry folks spoilers. One of the challenges is writing for the future so we really can’t always put it all in, consider it foreplay.

Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth

THS: Alfred has a relationship with violence, is that a recurring theme?

JB: Yeah, it’s something that is in him. he’s seen a lot and participated a lot too. Unfortunately, it is something he’s very good at. He’s always pulled back into that world.

THS: What is it like with the time jump?

JB: It’s beneficial that we’ve had the time jump. Alfred and I are about the same age so the changes I’ve made in the past 4 years as a person I’ve put into him.

THS: You’ve portrayed Alfie two very different ways, smooth and cool, but also the man with PTSD. What it is like for you as an actor to go back and forth and how do you recuperate after filming those Pennyworth scenes?

JB: THAT’S A GREAT QUESTION! I’ve found it increasingly difficult coming away from Alfred and back to Jack. It takes us 5 months to shoot. He and I are interlocked. I’ll go home and open the cupboard and ask myself what I want to eat but you don’t know whos choosing me or Alfie. I try to with music maybe a glass of wine so I can switch off.

In between the scenes, the schedules work out great! They keep moving us around some days indoors and some out so it keeps you guessing. It’s quite harrowing when I have to do the scene with the PTSD so they will line up the next day a nice sweet scene with MUM.

They look after my mental health shall we say!

You can find all episodes on Pennyworth of HBO MAX and we highly recommend it! Thank you again to the cast and showrunners for taking the time to chat with us during the busy convention.

Stay tuned for more news for HBO’s Pennyworth NYCC 2022 courtesy of That Hashtag Show.