Talk of a live-action Akira film began way back in 2012, but not much has happened with the film since. That is, not much has happened until now. Warner Bros. has finally set the official release date for the Taika Waititi live-action production.

This film adaptation takes its inspiration on both the 1982 manga and the 1988 anime series. Taiki Waititi has said that he will be casting the roles for the film with Asian actors. In doing so he likely hopes to avoid some of the backlash heaped upon Ghost in the Shell. People accused that film of “whitewashing” the source material by casting Scarlett Johansson in the lead.

Akira: Taika Waititi

This live-action adaptation is going to be huge for the Akria franchise, since there was an attempt to make this film back in 2012.

Actor Garrett Hedlund was the original star in 2012 version of Akira. Although, the studio obviously shelved that project. Several filmmakers were tied to the project. Likewise, the film was supposed to be a Americanized version of the anime.

Taika Waititi Helms Live-Action Akira

With the director of the 3rd Thor movie at the Akira helm, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Andrew Lazar both signed on to produce, it seems like the film will be what the fans of the anime are hoping for. Thor: Ragnarok was well-received, and Star Wars fans are looking forward to Taikia Waititi directing in the upcoming production of The Manadalorian.

Taika Waititi; Akira
Director Taika Waititi (Image: Disney)

The live-action Akira will officially premier on May 21st, 2021. This comes at the expense of the DC Super Pets, the release date for which Warner Bros. and DC moved 2022. But now, however, Akira will be opening alongside John Wick Chapter 4. So it’s going to be interesting to see how these two movies will fair at the box office up against one another.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter