Well, it seems Nintendo and Illumination has finally given us an official teaser trailer for their The Super Mario Bros. Movie at long last. Which is a nice double whammy of Mario given that they just gave us an official poster for this animated film. Don’t believe me? Then check out that trailer for yourself below:

Mario Finally Gets a Teaser Trailer!

Bowser somehow manages to look epic here, and he’s Bowser.

Universal Pictures UK posted this official teaser trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Nintendo Direct 2022 on YouTube. As you can see above, the trailer finally gives us a good look at this long-awaited animated film adaptation of the Mario games. It actually looks pretty good just from this one trailer. It has a nice mix of comedy in the form of all those cute penguins tossing snowballs at Bowser and his invading Koopa army, as well as a surprising amount of action and drama in the form of Bowser himself as he melts the penguins’ ice castle town with his fiery breath in order to retrieve a Power Star.

Of course, you can’t have The Super Mario Bros. Movie without Mario himself. Fortunately, he does appear in the latter half of the film, finding himself in Mushroom Kingdom for the first time, and meeting his rather odd Toad guide. We even get to see Luigi fend off (well, mostly running from) a swarm of skeletal Dry Bones. It probably makes Luigi feel like his trip to his haunted mansion was a walk in the park there. It’ll be interesting to see how both Mario and Luigi team up in this film to fight Bowser once we get to see it.

Fortunately, while this teaser trailer doesn’t mention what the UK release date is, at least we know what the US release date is already. The Super Mario Bros. Movie will premiere in US theaters on April 7, 2023. That means you’ll have plenty of time to get hyped up over this new Mario film, and pray that it doesn’t turn out like that 1993 live action version. Now that would be weird as heck.