Hot off the heels of Nintendo’s massive Super Mario Bros 35th anniversary. Nintendo has also announced they will be releasing the original 1985 Super Mario Bros on a Game and Watch portable device.

Get your hands on a new piece of history with the Game & Watch: #SuperMario Bros. system! Play Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, a Mario version of Ball, and enjoy a digital clock with 35 little touches. This classic with a new look arrives 11/13.

Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) September 3, 2020
Super Mario Bros

The device will also function as a clock; and will have 35 little easter eggs. Many featuring cameos from Super Mario Bros. The device will also feature the first Game and Watch game, Game and Watch Ball, but will have Mario in place of Mr. Game and Watch. The device comes with a rechargeable battery that’ll last for around eight hours of play and can be fully recharged in just under half that time.

The Game and Watch line of games was Nintendo’s first entry into the world video games back in 1980. The games were pocket-sized portables with a single black and white LCD games. Similar to the Tiger electronic LCD games of the 1990s. The original game and watch sold over 43 copies.

Super Mario Bros
The original Game and Watch device released in April of 1980

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The device will feature the original Super Mario Bros and The Lost Levels. A game that in Japan was simply titled Super Mario Bros 2.

While LCD games have long been dead. Nintendo has occasionally released special editions of the Game and Watch series. This device will no doubt be a collector’s item and fetch a high price after release.

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