The most highly anticipated series on my list for 2022 is Interview with the Vampire on AMC. I have been a huge fan of the books since a teen, as well as being obsessed when the film was released. While the film was far from a pure translation of the book, I still couldn’t stop watching it. The Vampire Chronicles truly set off my love of vampires.

When AMC announced they would be doing an Interview with the Vampire series, I waited with bated breath for every crumb I could get. When the casting announcements dropped I was incredibly excited! Fun Fact: Anne originally wanted Cher to play Louis in the film. So, let’s stop pretending that purism was her thing. Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) plays Louis de Pointe du Lac opposite Sam Reid (The Newsreader) as Lestat “Brat Prince” de Lioncourt. Personally, I find these casting choices a lot more interesting than going with two A-Listers of our time. Does anyone really wanna see Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland? PASS.

Anne has also confirmed previously that Louis and Lestat were absolutely lovers, even though the book was vague about it – the world wasn’t ready for two queer vampires in 1976. All this being said, AMC’s Interview with the Vampire surpassed all of my expectations. Let’s dive in.

INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: In Throes Of Increasing Wonder

Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac and Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy – Interview with the Vampire _ Seaosn 1, Gallery – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

After an intense title card, the episode opens with a montage documentary style of journalist Daniel Molloy’s career. This gives us more background on the character than we’ve ever had before. Daniel receives a package of tapes and a letter from Louis de Pointe du Lac with a proposal. So, Daniel flies to meet Louis in his home, aka his livable coffin. 

When Daniel and Louis chat we learn that everything we know about the film/book up to this point is true. The interview happened in 1976. Daniel Molloy wrote a book, but now 50 years later Louis de Pointe du Lac realizes that what he said in the original interview wasn’t the full truth. Louis is known as an unreliable narrator, after all, so I buy it. After 50 years of self-reflection, he is ready to share more about his story.

While Daniel is hesitant after their last encounter, we learn he is also dying, so what does he have to lose? So, we begin with the question, “So, how long have you been dead?”


Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, Gallery – Photo Credit: AMC

If you’re familiar with the books, Louis was originally an Indigo plantation owner in New Orleans. While this Louis is not, his grandfather was. However, his father ran them into the ground financially, and with four months left until ruin, Louis took it upon himself to save the family. So, what is the one thing a person of color in the early 1900s south can do and be successful? Own brothels.

Another thing the movie changed was giving Louis a wife and child. However, the series corrects this. In the new series, we meet his mother, his sister – who is getting married soon – and his wannabe preacher brother, Paul, who hears voices. It’s actually refreshing to see Louis happy and in a good place vs the book version where he’s always brooding and sad. We see Louis being a great brother – buying his sister and her fiance tickets to Paris for their wedding gift. 

A great tool I love that the series uses is that while we hear Louis’ narration we also hear Daniel asking questions and clarifying information. There’s so much detail and information, this is really helpful as a viewer.


Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

This is not the Lestat of the movie. This is Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles! The series takes the character we know and love from the original book and combines him with who is throughout the rest of the series. The film left out the seduction, the powers, and the villain he truly is. The series gives us everything that was missing in a stunning way.

Lestat first sees Louis after he has a fight with his brother who was trying to “save” one of his ladies of the night. Louis holds a knife to his throat and tells him to go home. At this moment, Lestat knew he was special and locked eyes on his prey.

Louis and Lestat meet at an upper-class gentleman’s club where Lestat is sitting at a table with Louis’s favorite woman, Lily. Here we see the tip of Lestat’s vampire powers – telepathy, and mind control (a power he gets from Akasha). This moment causes Louis to feel “emasculated and infatuated” at the same time.


Lestat has his sights on Louis, so he injects himself into every social situation he can. This time, it’s a poker game with other influential men. This scene is incredible. Here we see more of Lestat’s seduction of Louis, more manipulation, and the hunt while also gaining his trust. As viewers, we can see exactly how powerful Lestat is as he uses multiple vampire powers at once in this incredible scene. With their friendship in full swing. Louis understands that Lestat isn’t like anyone else and doesn’t mind.

Louis’s family is intrigued by his new friendship with the white Frenchman, so they invite him to dinner. This, of course, turns dark as Paul confronts Lestat and his status with God. As a fan of the books, I know this is a very touchy subject for the vampire. His reaction to the question is pure, and dark – just what I wanted.


After dinner, Lestat invites Louis up to his apartment for a nightcap…and a threesome with his favorite woman, Lily. However, this is just another seduction tactic to get Louis inside his home. While the scene plays on, we see Lestat put Lily to sleep and have his way with Louis. We also see Lestat fly. Yes, Lestat can fly. This is a power given to him from the blood of the ancient vampires. All I have to say is, whooo. This is possibly one of the sexiest scenes I have EVER seen. As Louis tells Daniel, “Let the tale seduce you just as I was seduced.”


As we read in the book, as well as see in the series, Paul hears voices and has visions. For a long time, I thought Lestat was causing this, but that was never confirmed in the book and the series doesn’t go that route. However, the voices have fully taken over. As Louis tells Daniel the story of the last time he saw the sun, we learn that he and Paul went on the roof of their home to watch the sunrise. Sadly, Paul doesn’t come down. Instead, Louis sees his brother purposely fall to his death.

Louis is now going through it. He is a gay black man in the south – which is a huge no-no. His mother is accusing him of being the cause of Paul’s death. While enduring his brother’s funeral, Lestat shows up like a scored boyfriend upset that Louis hasn’t come to him. Instead, Louis goes to see the priest and offers a confession.


While in confession, Louis tells the priest he’s been intimate with a man and has laid down with the devil. This does not make Lestat happy. So, what does he do? In Lestat fashion, murders the priests in moments that make me gasp at the screen. We also learn that Lestat killed Lily. 

In a last-ditch effort to have Louis give in, Lestat offers to get rid of his pain and swap his life of shame by giving him a dark gift of power that he can’t even imagine. One caveat. Louis must give his consent.

The episode ends with Louis giving permission to Lestat and turning into a vampire.

REVIEW OF Interview With The Vampire: Episode 1, In Throes Of Increasing Wonder

Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

While I know I interjected a lot of my thoughts and feelings throughout the recap I have so much more to say. This pilot episode exceeds all of my expectations. Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid have incredible chemistry together as Louis and Lestat and are perfectly cast. The way these men embody these characters is special and perfect from their accents to the smallest mannerisms. I swear Sam seduced ME through the screen.

I love how the series shows Lestat’s powers. It’s simple and beautiful. The way time slows down because he’s moving so fast when Lestat goes after prey is shot so beautifully, and seductively. The series is also a lot gorier than I expected. The film is very tame. The book describes the carnage eloquently. So, to see the series take it to an 11 is incredible and strikingly different.

The score in the Interview with the Vampire film is iconic and the series does not let anyone down. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this entire season. The end of Louis’s human life is only the beginning.