Can you solve the next Knives Out mystery just by knowing the suspects? Well, here’s your chance. The sequel film Glass Onion recently revealed new details about the characters to Empire Magazine.

Though details about the feature are being kept tightly under wraps, writer/director Rian Johnson did offer some new insights to Empire. Check out what we learned below.

New Glass Onion Character Details

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery title card

Kathryn Hahn plays Claire Debella, a Connecticut governor running for Senate. According to Johnson, her character “pisses everyone off, and is trying to thread the needle in many different ways, in terms of her public persona and what she’s willing to compromise in order to stay in office.”

Kate Hudson plays Birdie Jay, a fashionista.

Jessica Henwick plays Peg, Jay’s assistant.

Edward Norton plays tech disruptor Miles Bron. “The species that [Miles] is derived from will be instantly recognizable to a lot of people in our era of tech billionaires,” hinted Johnson.

Leslie Odom Jr. plays Lionel Toussaint, a scientist who works for Bron.

Janelle Monáe plays tech entrepreneur Cassandra ‘Andi’ Brand.

Dave Bautista plays Duke Cody, a YouTube star.

Madelyn Cline plays Whiskey, Cody’s girlfriend and channel assistant.

About Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc in 'Knives Out'

The official logline for Glass Onion describes the premise simply as, “Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) travels to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of colorful suspects.”

In addition to revealing a bit more about those suspects, Johnson revealed the movie will continue to explore the murder mystery with an undercurrent of social commentary, just like Knives Out before it.

“The movie itself is not entirely about the income divide, but that definitely has a huge place in it,” Johnson told Empire. “We’re in a moment in history where the divide feels increasingly obscene. Like a circus that we can’t keep our eyes off even as the negative effects of it become more and more real in all our lives.” 

There’s definitely plenty of absurdity to explore in the tech industry, which based on the character descriptions seems like it will play a key role in the film’s social commentary. But for now, the question remains: which of these characters won’t make it out alive? And which among them is a killer?

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will premiere on Netflix later this year. Until then, drop your theories in the comments below.

Source: Empire Magazine

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