We should have seen this coming! Hasbro has decided to finish off Power Week with another classic MMPR weapon reveal!

These super-slick side arms were both used by Trini and Aisha, also forming the outermost barrels of the Power Blaster

Includes: 2 Power Daggers, display stand, and instructions.

  • POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION ROLEPLAY WEAPON: A premium roleplay — or cosplay, if that’s your jam — Power Rangers collectible with lights, sounds, and an extendable hilt
  • INSPIRED BY MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: The original 1993 TV series that started it all. The Yellow Ranger Trini was one of five teenagers with attitudes who protected the world from Rita Repulsa
  • TWO DAGGERS ELECTRONIC LIGHTS & SOUNDS: With sound effects inspired by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • INCLUDES DISPLAY STAND: Show the world (or your fellow geek friends) your subjectively amazing collectible roleplay item.

You can preorder them on the Hasbro website for $131.99


Surging off the screen and onto your shelf scape is the Surging Shark Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Wild Force!

I don’t know why Hasbro decided to do back-to-back Yellow and Blue reveals but I’m not complaining! Max is looking sharp, and that head sculpt is looking good too!

Also available for preorder on Hasbro’s website for $25.99

Thoughts from THE GRID

What a way to finish off #powerweek! Hasbro has some big things to consider with only having the Power Axe and Power Bow left in the main MMPR arsenal! getting that 1:1 ratio is going to be key! Especially with the Power Sword being near full size.

The Wild Force Blue Ranger also looks equally as great. Those of us in the deep dark collecting underground already knew he was coming much like Kira from Dino Thunder. But I can’t help but mention that this Blue Ranger does come with his fighting fins, I guess Hasbro didn’t want the backlash as they got with Zeo Blue. Are we taking bets on if this figure comes with the right amount of stripes and boots?

Don’t fret Ranger Nation, Power Week might be over BUT I’ll be here at POWER MORPHICON 2022 all weekend and ill do my best to knock out as much info as I can!

Did you preorder everything this week? Is there something at PMC2022 you want me to check out for you? let me know in the comments below and tag me @offthecuffgaming all weekend ill be looking for you!

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