From zombies to superheroes… Jeffrey Dean Morgan is joining The Boys.

Fans of the Prime Video series have campaigned for Morgan to join the series for a while. Showrunner Eric Kripke even confirmed he wanted Morgan to play a role in season 3.

“There’s one role we’re already talking about. He [Morgan] has to… we have to coordinate. Because you know, he’s on The Walking Dead, so he has another home,” Kripke said. “But we already talked about one role, and there might be a potential other that we’re talking about. But just this past week we were literally texting back and forth about trying to figure out how to get him on the show. I don’t think it’s a done deal yet, but the will is there, and we’re both talking about it.”

Though Morgan’s obligations to the final season of The Walking Dead appeared to conflict with The Boys S3, his schedule seems to have freed up enough with the long-running AMC series winding down. Kripke himself confirmed Morgan’s upcoming appearance in season 4 in this tweet from set:

In addition to bringing in an actor fans have been asking to see on the show, Morgan’s appearance on The Boys also marks a mini-reunion. He previously played Sam and Dean’s father on Supernatural, another Kripke series. Plus, former Supernatural star Jensen Ackles has also been cast in the upcoming season.

Will Morgan and Ackles share the screen again in season 4 of The Boys? No details have been released about Morgan’s role on the show just yet. So, fans will have to wait to see what the next season has in store.

You can stream seasons 1-3 of The Boys on Prime Video now.

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