The first Wizards Presents from Wizards Of The Coast has come and gone. And they had a lot of D&D announcements that you can see below.

The Digital Future Of D&D

Up first is the announcement of D&D One.

This new service will expand on 5th Edition D&D in a few different ways. One major one is a fully immersive digital tabletop space. One D&D will be launching in 2024.

New Book Announcements

5 brand-new books for next year were announced, and they are all different and interesting.

One of the exciting releases is going to be The Book Of Many Things. This seems like it will expand on D&D’s The Deck Of Many Things into a full sourcebook. And a full Phanelver campaign, expanding on the digital mini-campaign from 2017 into a full-fledged campaign book is going to be amazing.

New Dragonlance Info

The newest book, Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen is releasing on December 6th. And it looks beautiful.

Takhisis the Dragon Queen has returned to the world of Krynn. Across the land, her armies of fanatical draconians wage a brutal war of conquest. As the Dragon Armies march on the unprepared nation of Solamnia, only the defenders of the city of Kalaman stand in their way. But the Dragon Armies want more than just to crush their foes. An ancient evil in the Dragon Queen’s service seeks a magical weapon that could dominate Krynn for all time.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is a tale of conflict and defiance set during the legendary War of the Lance. Create characters from Krynn, the world of the Dragonlance setting, then march them to the front lines of battle against the terrifying Dragon Armies.

Book Includes:

  • World at War: Introduces war as a genre of play to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons
  • Dragonlance: Introduces the Dragonlance setting with a focus on the War of the Lance and an overview of what players and DMs need to run adventures during this world-spanning conflict
  • Heroes of War: Provides character creation rules highlighting core elements of the Dragonlance setting, including the kender race and new backgrounds for the Knight of Solamnia and Mage of High Sorcery magic-users. Also introduces the Lunar Sorcery sorcerer subclass with new spells that bind your character to Krynn’s three mystical moons and imbues you with lunar magic
  • Villains: Pits heroes against the infamous death knight Lord Soth and his army of draconians

Releasing alongside the Dragonlance book, the board game Warriors Of Krynn is releasing as well.

Game Image And Details

Board Game Includes:

  • Introduces a war game experience to D&D 5th edition, featuring heroes who participate in large-scale military battles
  • Provides a complete stand-alone co-operative battle game experience in the world of Dragonlance
  • Demonstrates options for integrating play with six Shadow of the Dragon Queen encounters by providing scenarios with win/loss outcomes that impact the roleplaying game experience, resulting in different encounter and quest choices for players

Drizzt Anniversary News

Drizzt’s 35th Anniversary is this year and Wizards and the team at DK books are putting a really interesting book out.

Book Cover And Information

The Forgotten Realms offer D&D players an endless array of secrets to uncover, foes to fight, and treasures to be taken. But there is one name that has always stood out from the rest: Drizzt. Drizzt Do’urden.

This legendary drow elf ranger has been adventuring across the Forgotten Realms for decades, whether through New York Times bestselling fantasy novels or award-winning video games. Now Drizzt will take readers on a spectacular journey through his world.

This book showcases Drizzt and his travels through the Forgotten Realms in never-before-seen detail, with the glorious artwork produced by Wizards of the Coast put center stage. From the glaciers of Icewind Dale to the teeming cities of the Sword Coast, and the sinister shadows of the Underdark to the chambers of Mithral Hall, fans can explore the Realms through Drizzt’s eyes as never before with this immersive, extraordinary guide to their favorite fantasy setting.

The new book is releasing on March 7th, 2023. 2 other Drizzt-related announcements were made as well:

All of this is just the start for the future of D&D. Between a brand-new digital system, new books coming over the next year, and so much more. The future of D&D is looking bright.