Previously, Undertale developer Toby Fox revealed that he had composed the field music for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Now it seems that he’s responsible for a lot more of the games’ music than we had thought. Starting with this new Terastal Raid battle music.

Toby Fox and His Increasing Musical Contributions

"Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" screenshot showing a Pikachu in Terastal form with those crystal balloons, thus multiplying its cuteness.
I honestly wonder what sort of battle music will a Pikachu with balloons have?

Toby Fox recently posted on his Twitter account to reveal that he’s responsible for composing the Terastal Raid battle theme music for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. It seems that Nintendo was so impressed with his work on the field music that they tasked him with some of the battle music as well. You can actually check out some of Toby Fox’s work in the recent Pokémon Presents video on YouTube below:

I still find that Terastal Phenomenom to be weird, but it’s an interesting kind of weird.

There’s actually a funny story here about how Toby Fox came to be in charge of the Terastal Raid battle theme music. According to Fox himself on his Twitter post, game director Shigeru Ohmori himself came to him with a drawing of a Lucario with a “gigantic oversized crystal coming out of its head”. Ohmori then told him that this was the new game mechanic. Using this information as a blueprint, Fox then came up with the current battle theme. Toby Fox actually did an artist’s rendition of said drawing, which you can see below.

Toby Fox's artistic interpretation of that Lucario with the oversized flower growing out of its head.
Nailed it.

It will be interesting to listen to the efforts of Toby Fox once Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet actually come out. Which will be on November 18, 2022. You can preorder the Double Pack version containing both games on Nintendo eShop. If you want to preorder the Scarlet and Violet versions separately to save on money though, then you can also do so from the Nintendo eShop.

Toby Fox: Details

Those of you Undertale fans in the audience will know why I’m geeking out over Toby Fox so much.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m focusing on Toby Fox so much? Well, Toby Fox is the developer of Undertale and the spinoff/kinda sorta but not really sequel Deltarune. Both are excellent RPGs that feature, among other things, really good music. Even in spite of Deltarune not being a complete game yet. You can listen to a small selection of them below:

The perfect opening theme to any fantasy adventure game.
AKA: Goat Mom’s battle theme.
On second thought, this is the perfect fantasy adventure game theme.

Do these excellent pieces of music interest you in any of Toby Fox’s games? Then you can check out Undertale and Deltarune on Steam for yourself to find out. Deltarune is even free, at least until Toby Fox gets around to finishing it, so you don’t even have to pay a cent to find out how good his music (and his game development skills) is.

Source: Twitter, The Official Pokémon YouTube channel YouTube