My Hero Academia season 6 has already begun its debut on Crunchyroll. However, that’s not stopping them from releasing new key arts for the anime. If anything, they’re doubling down on that art. Especially when it’s new character art.

All the My Hero Academia Character Art?!

"My Hero Academia" season 6 Deku vs. Shigaraki character art.
What’s a good hero without a good villain?

The official Twitter account of My Hero Academia recently posted some new character key arts in a series of 3 separate posts to further hype up the ongoing season 6. Although, when I say “some”, I really mean “a lot”. There are 12 new pieces of character art in total. Some of the new character art depicts a Hero and a Villain facing off against each other in an arch nemesis style. Perfect for the upcoming battle against the League of Villains, really. You can see an example of one above with Deku vs. Shigaraki, and you can check out more below:

"My Hero Academia" season 6 Toga vs. Uraraka character art.
The battle of the love interests?
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Shigaraki vs. Bakugo character art.
Will Great Explosion God Murder Dynamight win against the ultimate villain with the more normalish name?
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Todoroki vs. Dabi character art.
When you got to fight fire with fire (and ice).

The Heroes Get Their Spotlight…

It isn’t just the arch nemeses that get some character art love though. These new My Hero Academia season 6 character arts on Twitter also give us some Heroes getting ready for a big battle. Not just from Class 1-A too, but also some Pro Heroes in the mix. Check them out below:

"My Hero Academia" season 6 Ida and Kirishima character art.
The polar opposites in terms of personality, despite how calm Kirishima looks right now.
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Tokoyami and Asui character art.
Bird boy and frog girl get their spotlight too.
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Hawks and Endeavor character art.
A bit of a stained hero theme going on here, but they’re Heroes nonetheless.
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Present Mic and Aizawa character art.
Also completely opposite in terms of personality, but lifelong friends regardless.
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Mirko and Midnight character art.
Can’t really call them friends, but they’re certainly the most distinct of the female Heroes.

…And So Do the Villains

The Heroes don’t get all of the spotlight here though in these Twitter posts. Some of the Villains of My Hero Academia season 6 also get a bit of their time to shine in these character arts too. Admittedly, not as much as the Heroes. But the Villains do get some art to themselves nonetheless. Check them out below:

"My Hero Academia" season 6 Geten, Re-Destro, and Skeptic character art.
Looks like the company of evil are getting their spotlight as well.
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Twice and Spinner character art.
Oh look, Definitely Not Deadpool and Teenage Lizard have their time to shine too.
"My Hero Academia" season 6 Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress character art.
Note: these 2 Villains are definitely not to scale.

Source: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter