Sideshow has put a new Critical Role Campaign 1 statue up for pre-order. And this time, it’s the party’s resident Nature Warden.

Keyleth Critical Role Figure – Product Images And Description

Sideshow presents the Keyleth – Vox Machina Statue, making her noble journey into the Critical Role collection. This gorgeous statue measures 13.5” tall and is fully sculpted as a three-dimensional tribute to the wise and powerful nature warden of the party.

Having completed her Aramenté thanks to adventuring with Vox Machina, Keyleth of the Air Ashari has grown in strength and confidence to claim her place as a leader among her people. She is depicted here as a high-level adventurer, wearing the ancestral Mantle of the Tempest cloak that boasts all the beauty of the changing leaves. In her left hand, Keyleth wields the staff-like Vestige of Divergence known as the Spire of Conflux, and with her right hand, she casts elemental air magic. Shrubs and rocks form beneath her boots as yet another testament to the mastery of nature she possesses.

Release Date And Price

This Keyleth – Vox Machina statue will release next year between April and July. And it is priced at $220.

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