You know how Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 recently unveiled a new trailer? Well, it seems that they’ve decided to follow that up with the release of a new piece of key art for it. Check it out below:

A New Key Art For an Agency on the Run?

"Bungo Stray Dogs season 4" key art.
The walls of text in the background scream “mystery genre” to me.

As reported by Comic Book, the Bungo Stray Dogs panel at Crunchyroll Expo 2022 revealed that new piece of key art above for season 4. Said key art depicts on the right, from top to bottom: main characters Osamu Dazai and Atsushi Nakajima. On the left from top to bottom, we have 2 main members of the formerly antagonist organization, Port Mafia: Chūya Nakahara and Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. It seems that all 4 of them will play an important role in season 4. This should come as no surprise for Atsushi, since he is the POV character. I guess being framed for a crime causes former antagonists to put aside their differences, and work together to clear their names.

Unfortunately, the key art itself doesn’t tell us anything new about Bungo Stray Dogs season 4. Only hints and whispers, with untranslated Japanese text in the background to add to the mystery. Presumably, we’ll find out what this 4th season will be all about when we actually see the anime sometime in January 2023.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Details

A creepy guy in the thumbnail explains it all…well, not really.

Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 will be the 4th season of the anime, which is itself the anime adaptation of the supernatural action mystery manga of the same name by writer Kafka Asagiri and artist Sango Harukawa. Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia) is the animation studio behind this anime. Takuya Igarashi is the director, with Junichirō Tamura and Chiaki Kurakane producing, Yōji Enokido writing, Nobuhiro Arai designing the characters, Yumiko Kondo directing the art, Shigeru Nishiyama editing, and Taku Iwasaki composing the music. Lastly, Crunchyroll is licensing this 4th season for its NA release, as they have been for all the previous seasons.

As for what Bungo Stray Dogs is about? Well, Crunchyroll has an official synopsis for it on the anime’s page. Check it out below:

“Kicked out of his orphanage and on the verge of starving to death, Nakajima Atsushi meets some strange men. One of them, Dazai Osamu, is a suicidal man attempting to drown himself in broad daylight. The other, bespectacled Kunikida Doppo, nervously stands by flipping through a notepad. Both are members of the “Armed Detective Agency” said to solve incidents that even the military and police won’t touch. Atsushi ends up accompanying them on a mission to eliminate a man-eating tiger that’s been terrorizing the population…”

You can watch all previous seasons of Bungo Stray Dogs on Crunchyroll. You know, to catch up on the anime in preparation for the new season.

Source: Comic Book