The Fear Street trilogy that Netflix released last July took the world by storm. The trio of YA slasher films directed by Leigh Janiak was released weekly and generated quite a bit of buzz. Now, according to our friends at Bloody Disgusting, Netflix is indeed developing more Fear Street films. These rumors sprung from an interview with Y! that R.L. Stine did.

I…hear rumors about more Fear Street movies for Netflix, because the first ones did so well last summer. Those films kind of shocked me, because they were all R-rated, and I’ve never done anything R-rated! All those teenagers were getting slashed. I was like, ‘Suddenly, I have a slasher movie!

Whether or not the new movies will continue the story of Shadyside and their issues or not is still up in the air. The report didn’t have any further details about the plot, storyline, or release date. So we’ll have to keep you updated as the story develops.

There are tons of books and stories from R.L. Stine that they could use as inspiration for the new movies though. That narrative structure and release schedule really benefitted Fear Street.

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