Personally, I love a Taming of the Shrew story. Is it because I relate? Maybe. But I also never get bored of it. Mr. Malcolm’s list is based on the novel by Suzanne Allain that gives us “shrew” with a twist. 

Mr. Malcolm is a man who’s so afraid of love that he’s created an almost impossible list of requirements he’s looking for in a wife. One of which is politically minded in an era where women were barely allowed to have an opinion about anything but dresses. After publicly humiliating Julia Thistlewaite, she comes up with an idea for revenge. I mean, how do the sayings go? All’s fair in love and war. Even better, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.


Julia, with the help of her cousin Lord Cassidy, turns her female cousin, Selina into his perfect bride. Checking off all the boxes on his list. However, Selina actually falls for him and drama ensues once the truth comes out.

The drama that ensues during Mr. Malcolm’s List is a fun time. It never feels daunting, too stressful, or forced. I love the scenery, the costumes, there’s even a masquerade ball for goodness sakes! What more could I ask for.


Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù (Gangs of London) portrays Mr. Malcolm with such charm, and his chemistry with Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) is off the charts. I wasn’t familiar with Zawe Ashton’s (Velvet Buzzsaw) work prior to her performance as Julia, but now I’m a huge fan. You understand why she’s so angry at Mr. Malcolm for her public humiliation. In the beginning, I find myself rooting for her, only to be upset when she risks it all in order to continue with her plan after she’s already lost.

Theo James (The Time Traveler’s Wife) takes on Henry, a soldier who somehow finds himself falling for Julia, as much as they both fight it. I’ve always been a big fan of his ever since his time on Downton Abbey. This era looks great on him and I hope he continues to do more period pieces. 

However, my favorite character in the film is Lord Cassidy. I couldn’t believe he was being played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Haunting of Hill House)! Not only does he look completely different, but his acting is spectacular. I’m used to seeing him as a strong, arrogant man. However, Lord Cassidy is just the opposite. He’s mousy, he’s funny, and lets Julia strongarm him into everything. It was great to see.

So, if you love regency rom-coms, great acting, and a fun time then Mr. Malcolm’s List is absolutely for you! Make sure to check it out in theaters beginning July 1st, 2022.