Do you like scary ghost stories? Well if you do, head on down to Universal Studios. Universal just announced that it will feature Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, in California and Florida. This is a redemption year for fans, with the event on hold last year due towards the pandemic. Horror is now back better than ever!

Mike Flanagan (the director who adapted The Haunting of Hill House for Netflix) will immerse guests in this haunted attraction this Halloween season. Guests will learn about the Crain family inside of the house that changed their lives forever. Amblin Television and Paramount helped produced the show with Netflix. The show debuted back on October 2018.

The Haunting of Hill House comes to Horror Nights

Flanagan shared his thoughts about the event:

“I have loved Halloween Horror Nights for so long,” Mike Flanagan, creator and director of the Netflix series, said in a statement. “Some of my favorite memories of Halloween were made at Universal Studios, screaming and laughing with my friends. It is such an honor to be included among such fantastic Haunts, and I’m so glad that fans will be able to walk the halls of Hill House this Halloween.”

Director Mike Flanagan

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Don’t Go In There…

As the trailer suggests, the house will scare the living hell out of you. Universal shared a blog post about the Haunting of Hill House, and this the “real deal” we are talking about here folks. For those who have seen the show, the event will feature iconic scenes inside of the haunted house. They will include include the Red Room, the heart of Hill House, as well as basement, and other keen scenes that only the true fans of the show will recognize.

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The house will be the main character, but you will be right up close with some of the famous ghosts from the series (think Bent-Neck Lady and the Tall Man.) How, remains a mystery….

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The Haunting of Hill House: Easter Egg Fun

Anyone that has been to Universal’s Horror Nights knows that it’s the little things that count. The exhibition will feature unique details and props that fans of the show will recognize. Even the Hill House blueprints will be on display.

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Both events will be scaring up in September. Universal Orlando Resort will feature The Haunting of Hill House September 3rd to October 31st. Universal Studios Hollywood, September 9th through October 31st. Information for tickets, details and more are available here.

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