The last issue of Vol 3 of Critical Role Vox Machina Origins is here!

This issue has some crazy and unexpected things happening inside of it. Between the, as usual, amazing writing from Jody Houser, to Ariana Maher’s awesome art, this last issue is something both amazing and special.

If you didn’t read the previous issue, we have a recap of the events of the previous issue.

Issue #5 Recap

So, this last issue saw our team of misfit heroes investigating more into the Dragon attack on Westrunn. After some negotiations, they were able to get The Reamlseer out of jail. And they then proceeded to travel to Emon.

And where the last issue ended is where we pick up in this issue.

Issue 6 Review [NO SPOILERS]

The issue sees the heroes getting into Emon, and from the art, we get to see the city, it looks spectacular. From there, the team heads to a local bar to try to get information about the missing child.

From there both Vex and Vax go over to the job board, and they see something they were not expecting. Alongside the rest of the team, they go and get some more information about the job they noticed.

After the heated exchange, we then see Vax go and hide out in a sewer, with a waterfall going as well. And that is where this volume of the comics ends.

Now with how this issue ended, it definitely sets up what we could see happen immediately at the start of the first issue of Vol 4. But we will have to wait and see when Vox Machina Origins Volume 4 releases to find out what happens.

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