The second to last issue of Critical Role Vox Machina Origins is here. And this issue has a lot happening in it, and we’re going to break it down.

Now if you haven’t checked out the previous issue yet, here is a quick recap of what happened.

Issue 4 Recap

The last issue saw almost all of our heroes having to go take down a dragon after it had frozen over Stillben during their Winter’s Crest celebration. They luckily found the dragon, and through some clever ingenuity, they took it down. After returning and the town being unmelted, The Realmseer was accused of releasing the dragon on the town.

This new issue picks up from the end of the last issue.

Issue 5 Review [Minor Spoilers Ahead]

So this issue starts off with our heroes talking to The Realmseer, while he is in a jail cell. He is also able to tell our heroes the person in question for the attack is a member of one of the underground crime organizations, The Clasp.

After questioning him and the information they needed, Vax then heads off somewhere into the city. He then heads to one of the many Clasp hideouts to find out information.

While Vax is getting info, the rest of the team are walking around the city, our heroes find out about a child who had gone missing about a year ago.

Back at the Clasp hideout, Vax encounters a mysterious figure and gets into a minor fight with the said figure. He then finds out the figures’ name is Spireling Fetch. Spireling agrees to have the Clasp help find clear the Realmseer’s name.

Once the team is reunited, our heroes then see The Reamlseer getting out of jail. He is escorted by a mysterious figure. Once released the team then decides to go and find who is the real cause of what happened. The ending shows our heroes going to Emon.

With the way the last issue ended and how this issue happened, it seems like we’re getting set up for both a huge reveal and potentially a very messy fight.