It looks like the title Captin Marvel is being taken up by someone new. The current Captain Marvel story arc is approaching its conclusion in issue #36. Issue #38 will kick off a brand new chapter for Captain Marvel and see Binary stepping into the role. In the past, Binary has been a powerful cosmic form for Carol Danvers. But this time around, Binary has completely separated from Carol and is her own sentient being. This should prove to be quite an interesting arc. As we see how Binary adapts to a world she has never been in and also figures out what happened to Carol.

You can check out our first look at the awesome new design for Binary by Russell Dauterman below. Keep reading for the official details from Marvel Comics on this new arc for Captain Marvel and Binary.

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New York, NY— February 9, 2022 — “The Last of the Marvels,” the current saga heating up the pages of Kelly Thompson’s CAPTAIN MARVEL run will come to a cataclysmic end in next week’s CAPTAIN MARVEL #36. The story was packed with developments that will have a major impact on the Captain mythos including the return of Genis-Vell and the reemergence of Carol Danver’s powerful cosmic form known as Binary! But this Binary isn’t Carol Danvers at all… The mysterious origins and powers of this new version of Binary will be further explored in a new arc beginning in May’s CAPTAIN MARVEL #38. This perfect jumping on point will see Binary take over as Captain Marvel when Carol Danvers goes missing.

Fans can check out Marvel Stormbreaker R.B. Silva’s cover of the issue showcasing some of Captain Marvel’s most iconic costumes over the years as well as Russell Dauterman’s original design sheets for Binary’s new look, a modern spin on the legendary Dave Cockrum’s classic design.

Carol’s disappearance has left the newly sentient Binary to fill in, but stepping into the shoes of one of Earth’s greatest heroes is no easy feat. As Binary finds herself plunged into a world she barely understands, the questions about exactly who and what Binary is grow deeper. And where IS Captain Marvel anyway?!

“I’m really excited about this wild new arc for Carol and Binary — it’s called TRIALS — and lemme tell you, these ladies are going through it,” Thompson said. “Carol Danvers’ time as Binary was one of her most fascinating — and also one of her best and most powerful looks. And while Carol sometimes taps into that power — it’s a name and look that’s been just sitting on the shelf, unused — so we thought, why not have both? There’s no reason we can’t have Captain Marvel and also Binary — and with that the wheels started turning on the creation of this awesome new character. It’s been such a fun ride so far and there’s so much more in store for her!”

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“I was very happy to design this!” Dauterman said. “I love Dave Cockrum’s original design (ever since I first saw Binary, when she punched Rogue through a roof!) — I wanted to keep that vibe, but modernize the look a bit and pull in some of Carol’s current iconography.”

“It was such a thrill to get Russell Dauterman to do the Binary design,” Thompson added. “The original design is SO strong that we knew we needed someone with Russell’s incredible gift for costume design if we had any hope of doing it justice.”

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Don’t miss this brand-new arc in Kelly Thompson’s award-winning epic series continues when CAPTAIN MARVEL #38 hits stands on May 4. For more information, visit

Photo: Marvel Comics
Photo: Marvel Comics

Cover by R.B. SILVA
On Sale 5/4


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