Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk, here; back from my vacation on Sakaar. I’m about to update you on some of my more famous scoops and exclusives and give you some new info!

Michael Korvac Is The Villain Of The Marvels

Captain Marvel 2; Michael Korvac

My first ever exclusive was that Michael Korvac is the villain of The Marvels (aka Captain Marvel 2).

I’ve since learned that this is still the case but in a bit of a subversion of expectations. Korvac will feature early on in the script but will be disposed of very quickly and early on. This is sure to peeve off fans who want a full-fledged movie with Korvac as the villain; although with Korvac, there are always ways he could return. So who knows what will happen and when/if he’ll return.

I’ve also learned that the actor playing him is a known actor, and while they were looking for a “Timothy Chalamet or Michael B. Jordan” type; they’ve found a known actor who will play the role but is not either of those actors.

Marvel Bringing Back Some Netflix Actors To MCU

I was the first to report that numerous Marvel-Netflix actors were returning. Since that article was posted, we got confirmations on the return of Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Kingpin in Hawkeye.

Jon Bernthal has been hesitant to sign on as he feels like the gritty nature of The Punisher won’t translate to the MCU and Disney+ and he has yet to come to an agreement with Disney for a return. Although I still have heard that Krysten Ritter is due to re-appear in a Disney+ series like Jessica Jones. Last I heard was a cameo in She-Hulk; although that was before a substantial re-write of that show, and it’s unconfirmed if her character and cameo survived the re-write.

Inquisitors Show In Development For Disney+

Back before anyone else was reporting on the return of The Inquisitors in Kenobi, I confirmed as much (which we now know is coming) and mentioned that an Inquisitor’s live-action show is coming to Disney+.

From what I’ve heard, internally, Disney is a bit more cautious with shows after the trepid response to The Book Of Boba Fett. As such, while scripts are written; Disney is waiting to see how the response goes to Kenobi before they proceed with casting and beginning intensive production.

Heroes Reboot In Production As A Peacock Exclusive

I previously reported on a Heroes reboot happening over at Peacock.

In my original report, the show was said to feature an all-new set of characters and stories and be completely independent of the original show.

I’m now hearing that NBC Executives want to push this with more connections to the original show. While I’m unclear what exactly that entails, it does mean that the show will be less of a full-blown reboot than originally thought.

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