20th Century Studios is bringing White Men Can’t Jump back into the spotlight. The classic sports comedy is celebrating 30 years this year, and it’s already assembling an impressive cast. Rapper Jack Harlow joined the film as one of the co-leads, and it’s got director Calmatic on board. In addition to Harlow, Friday Night Lights, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Power actor, Sinqua Walls has been cast as the other lead, Kamal, in White Men Can’t Jump. He’s joined by Kenya Barris and Doug Hall as screenwriters with producers Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein.

The 1992 film launched the career of Woody Harrelson and made Wesley Snipes into an even bigger star. The plot for the new film follows Kamal Allen, who was supposed to follow in the footsteps of his NBA legend father. instead, his anger got the best of him and changed his career for the worse. Now, he’s stuck playing pick-up games and driving a delivery truck to support his family. He has to push himself, but his temper and outbursts make him frustrated. A hipster white guy, Jeremy, challenges him to a shootout; Kamal judges Jeremy as a fool, but he quickly finds a friend who’s also missed out on a dream. They team up to see if they have what it takes to make their basketball dreams come true.

As for the new characters in the film, it looks to follow the basic plot structure for the original film but with a modern, updated twist. it starts filming in Los Angeles starting on May 9th, 2022.

Some Of The New Characters Of White Men Can’t Jump

Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in 1992’s White Men Can’t Jump

Starting off we have a description of Kamal as a younger man in his 20s. He’s black, fiercely athletic, with a dominant basketball game and a love for his dad. He’s always been his father’s number one fan and just wants to make him proud. His NBA dream keeps him going and wants to use that to take care of his dad. Calls for someone over 6 feet tall with basketball skills.


Jermaine is a loudmouth who antagonizes Kamal. He has gang affiliations and is eager to talk trash at the tournament. He’s a dick and he knows how to get under Kamal’s skin. Luckily Jeremy puts him in his place.


Kamal’s boss, in his 40s, likes Kamal, but the latest outburst was the last straw. He’s understanding and kind, but at his last rope with Kamal.

Opposing Fan

This character doesn’t have a name but plays an important part in the film. During Kamal’s high school basketball career, he hurls insults and trash talks Kamal personally. The insults prove too much, and Kamal loses his cool, and can’t hold back his anger.

So far it sounds like the White Men Can’t Jump reboot is straying just enough away from the original to be a solid film. There are plenty of things they could do with today’s social and sports climate to add to the film.

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