The season two premiere of Las Cumbres starts with a recap of the first season and honestly I have forgotten half the wild stuff that happened in that first season. As someone who watched US soaps when I was younger that had everything from demon possession to evil twins all that pales in comparison to eight episodes of this teen supernatural mystery.

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Finding Manu

If you haven’t seen the first season you’ll be completely lost there are too many twists and turns. Take the time to watch that first season though you’ll be back here in no time for season two.

When We Last…

The episode continues directly on from where we left Adéle (Daniela Rubio) wandering the woods at night after deciding to stay and making a grisly discovery. This time we get some more context. One of the Crow’s Nest sect took Adéle to the white cell that Manu (Carlos Alcaide) was imprisoned in. He helps her escape only for her to find her girlfriend Rita (Francisca Aronsson) dead and hanging from a tree.

The strongest part of Las Cumbres is the ability for it to juggle so many inter-related stories at once. It does so without it seeming forced or boring. My favorite storyline is Inés (Claudia Riera) just because there are so many questions that need to be answered immediately. Like how old is she really? Where did she come from? Is she from the area where the school is?

A New Mission

Meanwhile, the Scooby gang – Amaia (Asia Ortega), Paul (Albert Salazar) et al have been energized by the reveal that Adéle saw Manu and stage another breakout attempt. Unfortunately, things were never going to go smoothly even with the help of Inés. Only three of them make it out and though they find the cell they don’t find their missing friend.

Meanwhile, the demon headmistress Mara (Natalia Dicenta) is seeing things. Is it guilt or perhaps something more supernatural, with this show who knows? Then in the way that this show does so well things come together. While Inés is undergoing tests for her memory loss treatments Amaia comes in with her injuries from a bear trap. Here we find out something that now seems obvious.

Inés’ father has direct connections to the Crow’s Nest. It seems the man is overflowing with secrets but it seems his “daughter” is on to him.

León and Elvira teaming up are interesting though I don’t know what I think of him. The whole not knowing how old Inés is makes things potentially problematic.

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