Fas-ten your seatbelts, everyone. (Sorry. You know I had to do it.) The tenth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise is speeding into production now.

Wrench-wielding, Corona-drinking, family-speech-giving star Vin Diesel shared the update on his social media. His Instagram post simply reads, “Day one…” with a praying hands emoji. The image shows the logo for the latest film in the Fast saga. 

Diesel’s post also appears to confirm the official title Fast X. (X being the Roman numeral for 10, as this is the tenth feature in the Fast & Furious franchise.) Truly, nothing could bring me more joy than seeing the Fast saga continue its bizarre and incomprehensible naming tradition as the series comes to a close.

In addition to Diesel’s post, the official Fast Saga social media confirmed that production on the feature begins today.

Fast X will bring back longtime franchise writer Chris Morgan, as well as fan-favorite director Justin Lin. And of course, the Fast Family will turn out for the feature, including Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese, Ludacris, and Jordana Brewster. 

Earlier, the film confirmed Jason Momoa would join the crew as a villain in the upcoming feature. Even more recently, Diesel shared news that Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson officially joined the Fast Family as well.

Fast X is actually intended to be the first half of the franchise’s final race. Universal Pictures plans to release two more Fast & Furious movies to close out the series. They are filming back-to-back, with plans to release Fast X in 2023 and the final feature in 2024.

So, are you a member of the Fast Family? What do you want to see in Fast X? (And do you think we’re supposed to pronounce the movie as “Fast Ex” or “Fast Ten”?) Let us know in the comments below.

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