The holiday season is heading for us! Kicking off the spirit is an adorable new rom-com About Fate. The film stars Emma Roberts as Margot Hayes, a young girl who wants nothing more than to prove to her family that she’s not a complete mess. When going to dinner with her boyfriend of 3 months, she assumes he’s getting ready to propose. So, not only will she have a date for her sister’s wedding, but a fiance to boot!

On the other side of the story, we meet Griffin Reed (Thomas Mann) who is getting ready to propose to his famous influencer girlfriend, Clementine (Madelaine Petch). However, things don’t go as planned for either of them and they’re set off on a journey to figure out life and love.


I’m a HUGE rom-com fan. About Fate is adapted from The Irony of Fate, a 1976 Soviet romantic comedy television film. I’ve never seen the original movie, but I can say that Tiffany Paulson (Holidate) did a fantastic job with her adaptation.

I found myself falling in love with both Margot and Griffin. Thomas Mann (Lady and the Tramp) plays the perfect end of the movie boyfriend. He’s charming, fun, has a good job, and the family loves him! Emma Roberts as Margot is also a great fit. Their chemistry is fantastic and I loved watching them fall in love.

Madelaine Petch (Riverdale) was fun to watch as the self-absorb Clementine. While it’s not a far throw from her character, Cheryl Blossom, on Riverdale I do love seeing her outside of that world. Lewis Tan as the bro’d out, douchebag ex-boyfriend, Kip Prescott, also does a great job. You know they do a great job when you can’t stand their presence on screen.

The film also comes in just over 90minutes which is the perfect film length for something like this. Let’s stop making 2-hour rom-coms. It’s wildly unnecessary. 

About Fate hits theaters for a limited release on Friday, September 9th. Don’t miss it!