Euphoria has been a breakout hit for HBO and for actress Sydney Sweeney. After appearing in that series and The White Lotus, it seems that Marvel has taken notice. According to Deadline, she’s been cast alongside Dakota Johnson in the upcoming Sony Spider-Man universe film. S.J. Clarkson is also on board to direct a screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Dakota Johnson was cast as the title character Madame Web a couple of weeks ago, and this is the first news of any other cast members. It’s unknown who Sweeney is playing in the film. Sources say that the comic book character of Madame Web could be changed a bit from the elderly woman with a web-shaped life support system to something else. Deadline’s sources say that she could be the Sony version of Doctor Strange due to her psychic sensory powers.

Sony’s Spider-Man properties have been on fire as of late. Venom: Let There Be Carnage grossed $500 million worldwide and Spider-Man: No Way Home was the biggest film of 2021 with a $1.85 billion gross.

Sweeney is a rising star in Hollywood due to her performances in The White Lotus and Euphoria, so this could be a major pull from Sony to lock her down in their Spider-Man universe.

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Source: Deadline

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