This year, the New York Comic-Con is going virtual. Now direct from NYCC 2020 here, we have a group of authors who revealed some fascinating new details about the upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic series.

AKA: Star Wars’ Heroic Age.

Admittedly, the new details are sparse. Most of what the authors talk about are just rehashes of details that they’ve already leaked about Star Wars: The High Republic. Either that, or they’re teasers for the various books and comics set in that era. However, buried amidst the old stuff is some interesting new stuff. You just have to pick them out like at a bazaar.

Diamonds in the Rough?

Cover art for a Star Wars: The High Republic novel.
So gold. Much shiny.

First of all, the NYCC 2020 authors for Star Wars: The High Republic finally confirm what this “Great Disaster” is all about. Apparently, it has to do with a ship named the Legacy Run. She’s basically a cargo/passenger liner sailing the stars, sending goods and people to various places far into the reaches of the galaxy. Unfortunately, while en route in hyperspace, the Legacy Run somehow manages to find something to crash into. Lots of people die, and the survivors and debris are flung all over the galaxy. Understandably, a lot of people are upset over this. Thus, the Jedi are deployed to help carry out search and rescue missions in this space equivalent of a maritime accident.

In addition to this detail, they also revealed that Titan Comics is apparently serializing a new comic again after a fairly long hiatus. And to start with, they’re going to release a new story for Star Wars: The High Republic.

As for when all of these books and comics for Star Wars: The High Republic will launch, it’s January 2021. It’s only 3 months away as of this writing. So if you want to check out the various books and comics set in this age of the Star Wars galaxy, you only have a fairly short time to wait.


Titan Comics is starting back up, and they’ll start with Star Wars: The High Republic comic. Titan, along with all the authors mentioned in this panel of NYCC 2020, will launch this new comic on January 2021. This link here will send you to NYCC’s website where you can preorder them if you so wish. Note that this is only for the US fans.

If you live in the UK, you have to go to another site. The link you’re looking for is below, because I can’t get the UK link to work for some reason. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than I do.

Source: NYCC 2020