It doesn’t matter what your fandom is, there is always something new and exciting coming out to add to our collections. From action figures to pins there is a lot out there for you to choose from. Well, thanks to Pinfinity we now have even more to add to our collections. Pinfinity is changing the way we look at pin collecting with their augmented reality enamel pins that come to life through their free mobile app.

Thanks to our friends over a Pinfinty I was able to review these amazing pins from different fandoms:

  • Tetris – Iconic Logo
  • Street Fighter – M. Bison
  • My Little Pony – Twilight Sparkle
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer – Shopkeeper
  • Dungeons & Dragons – Dragon

Pinfinity Augmented Reality Pins

As soon as I got a hold of these pins I was blown away by the colors and details. These are not just the same size pins with something printed on each one. Each pin had its own unique shape and size. From the 8-bit look of the Shopkeeper to the very colorful and playful look of Twilight Sparkle, these pins details are amazing! These pins also come on a fandom-themed card back that tells what each pin will do in its augmented reality.

Pinfinity Augmented Reality & Their Free App

Each pin has an augmented reality platform built around its fandom. To access the augmented reality, you must first download the Pinfinity AR app. Once download it is easy to use. All you have to do is hit the tap here to start button, scan the pin, and get ready for the fun to begin. Depending on which pins you have they can play video and/or audio tracks, have downloadable content, have selfie frames, and more. You can check out a short clip from the Dungeons & Dragons – Dragon pin at the bottom of this article.


My Final Thoughts

These pins by Pinfinty are amazing! Like I said earlier the details and colors really stick out. I also had a blast with the augmented reality features of these pins. Because of these features, Pinfinty made a good pin and turned it great! Pinfinity has many different fandoms to choose from as well. Power Rangers, Transformers, Jay and Silent Bob, Magic the Gathering, Pinfinty Originals, and more. You can also join their Pinfinity+ program for either $19.99 a month or Prepay 6 months for $99. With the Pinfinty+ program, you will receive officially licensed exclusive pins and accessories, 25% off any purchase, and more. Head over to or to their Facebook Page to learn more about pinfinty+ and check out all their amazing pins! You will want these pins for your collection!

Pinfinity Street Fighter

We Want To Hear From You

What are your thoughts on these augmented reality pins from Pinfinity? Are these a must have for your pin collection? Also, what are some of your favorite pins? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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