The latest experience from Lighthouse Immersive is the “Immersive Frida Kahlo” exhibit. We sat down with Vicente Fusco, the Director of Global Business Development for Starvox Entertainment and Lighthouse Immersive to discuss how this project came to life.

Immersive Frida Kahlo Exhibit – Photo credit Kyle Flubacker

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who created some of history’s most iconic artwork. Her art has also become a symbol of resilience and perseverance. Even here in Los Angeles, you won’t have to go far to see her influence on everything from art, clothing, and more.

Interview with Vincente Fusco

Vicente Fusco is no stranger to bringing to life unique and amazing experiences. He began his career promoting tour productions across Mexico for Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia, and Slava’s Snowshow in 2013. These days Fusco manages global business development for both Starvox Entertainment and Lighthouse Immersive all over the world, while also working as a producer for “Immersive Frida Khalo.”

Vincente told us a little about how the creative process for this event came to life.

“We were fortunate enough to have the Immersive Van Gogh precedent, so we kind of walked down that road. However, this is a completely different show. It’s a completely different feel and a different interpretation from the artistic and creative point of view. Massimiliano Siccardi is the artistic director, and it’s really his process that goes into “which artworks do I use? Which story do I want to tell?” Because one could go in a thousand different directions with somebody like Frida Kahlo, such a powerful icon with such rich content. Not only in her art form, in her artwork, but with her life.”

Immersive Frida Kahlo

The team at Lighthouse Immersive is known for its ability to transform venues into unforgettable art experiences. The Immersive Frida Kahlo exhibit will be sharing the space used for Immersive Van Gogh. Located at 6400 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, this iconic 55,000 square foot building offers an art experience featuring a 25,000 square foot exhibit space where the art of Frida Kahlo will come to life around you. Using state-of-the-art technology, the 360-degree experience invites you to step inside the colorful and vibrant world of Frida Kahlo as never before.

But the exhibit will not be limited to just Frida’s art. It will also showcase who she was as a woman, an activist, as well as an artist. It will be an intimate look at not only her art but at who she was as a person.

Immersive Frida Kahlo Exhibit – Photo credit Kyle Flubacker

Khalo was a 20th century Mexican artist best known for compelling self-portraits and radiant pieces inspired by her life in her native country of Mexico. The Immersive Frida Kahlo exhibition features some of the artist’s best-known works “brought to life” by the world-renowned master of digital art, Italy’s Massimiliano Siccardi, again accompanied by composer Luca Longobaridi’s resonant score.

This exhibit will tour seven cities including Dallas, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. Tickets for this event are available here. Ticket prices start at $39.99 ($24.99 for children 16 or younger), with timed and flexible ticket
options available.

For more information about Immersive Frida Kahlo, visit Follow the exhibition on social media at @fridaimmersive on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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