Over at Athena House, Rick Riordan and the team are hard at work on the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

The Disney+ show has yet to officially confirm any casting, but a recent update from Riordan said the team is “getting close” to casting the core trio of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. In the same post, Riordan stated the production would soon move forward to cast other key roles.

Now, we can confirm casting for several important Percy Jackson roles is underway. Plus, the most recent casting call outlines not just the recurring roles, but how often viewers can expect to see them in the series.

Check out how often key characters like Chiron, Medusa, Luke, and more will appear in season 1 below.

Percy Jackson Appearances By Character

*Note that Riordan’s most recent update indicates the PJO writers have started the first draft of episode 5. Since the first five episodes are undergoing edits and the last three have yet to be written, these appearances may adjust slightly. However, this represents the production plan as of early March.

Sally Jackson – Percy’s mother will appear in 4-5 of 8 episodes.

Gabe Ugliano – Percy’s terrible stepfather will appear in 3-4 of 8 episodes.

Chiron/Mr. Brunner – The famed centaur and hero trainer (or Latin teacher when in disguise) will appear in 4 of 8 episodes.

Dionysus/Mr. D – The eccentric uncle-type god will appear in 3 of 8 episodes.

Luke Castellan – The cool kid counselor of the Hermes cabin will appear in 4 of 8 episodes.

Alecto/Mrs. Dodds – One of the three Furies, in disguise as Percy’s math teacher, will appear in 4 of 8 episodes.

Medusa – Both maternal and manipulative, the snake-haired Gorgon will appear in 1 of 8 episodes. 

Silenus & Maron – The Council of Cloven Elders satyrs will appear in 1 of 8 episodes.

Of these appearances, casting for all characters except for Gabe and Medusa have indicated the roles will continue for potential future seasons.

Percy Jackson Appearances By Episode

*potential/tentative appearance

Episode 101 – Sally Jackson, Gabe Ugliano, Chiron/Mr. Brunner, Alecto/Mrs. Dodds

Episode 102 – Chiron/Mr. Brunner, Dionysus/Mr. D, Luke Castellan, Silenus & Maron

Episode 103 – Gabe Ugliano, Chiron/Mr. Brunner, Dionysus/Mr. D, Luke Castellan, Alecto/Mrs. Dodds, Medusa

Episode 104 – Sally Jackson

Episode 105 – Gabe Ugliano*

Episode 106 – Sally Jackson*, Luke Castellan

Episode 107 – Sally Jackson, Alecto/Mrs. Dodds

Episode 108 – Sally Jackson, Gabe Ugliano, Dionysus/Mr. D, Luke Castellan, Alecto/Mrs. Dodds

Will anyone from the PJO movies join the series cast?

As fans continue to speculate who will fill their favorite roles, some have wondered if anyone from the Percy Jackson films will jump over to the new series. The short answer? Probably not, if Riordan has anything to say about it.

In a recent blog post he said:

“There were some very fine actors in those movies whom I feel terrible for because they had to be associated with those movies. I would never ask them to revisit that nightmare, especially when so many have gone on to wonderful, successful careers. Also: The whole point of the PJOTV is to do it fresh, do it anew from square one.”

He also paired the statement with a cheeky drawing, indicating a “500 mile restraining order” between “anyone involved even remotely” in the movies and the upcoming series.

(So yeah, if you needed any more confirmation Riordan feels the same way fans do about the films, there you have it.)

So, who do you want to see cast to join Percy Jackson and the Olympians? What do you think of this new character breakdown offering more insight into the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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