Godzilla fans get ready to take a trip back to 1966 with Super7. Today Super7 revealed their new 3.75” ReAction Figure Godzilla toy. This 3.75” Godzilla ReAction Figure – Marusan Godzilla (J-Tail) pays homage to the 1966 toy. The 1966 Marusan was the very first Godzilla action released. The Marusan Godzilla ReAction Figure will retail for $18 and is available now at Super7.com. You can check out the official details below.

Marusan Godzilla ReAction Figure!

Marusan’s articulated vinyl toys must have been a dream come true for kids in the 1960s. Finally, they had a Godzilla toy that could stand up to rough-and-tumble Kaiju play! This 3.75” scale articulated Toho ReAction figure of Marusan Godzilla features an upturned “J-Tail” from the very early versions of the original toy, along with a dark blue sculpted body with metallic silver paint detail, red eyes, and the Marusan logo stamped on its foot, just like the original toy! It would be a monstrous mistake not to add the Toho ReAction “J-Tail” Marusan Godzilla figure to your collection!

Read more about the history of this figure HERE!

New Toho Apparel Also Available

Chances are you didn’t get to dissect a Kaiju in science class when you were growing up. With the space and budget constraints schools have to deal with, that’s no surprise! Now you can have the next best thing with the new Toho Anatomical Ringer Tees and Crewnecks featuring Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and King Ghidorah!

You can check out all the new Toho Apparel at Super7.com.

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Source: Super7