Can’t wait for Star Wars: Visions to come out? Well, why not experience it early for yourself by wearing it?

Note: this is not a kid’s cartoon. This is definitely not for children. So who locked the comments? is proud to announce a new line of clothing based off of the upcoming Star Wars: Visions. These new duds are from Fifth Sun and Rock’ Em Socks. As expected of the companies, their wares includes hoodies, shirts, and of course, socks. All of these clothes are available now from Amazon. They’re a bit pricey, but if you’re a fan of Star Wars, or an anime fan in general, then check them out below:

Star Wars: Visions ~ Apparel

Boba Fett Samurai Poster Pullover Hoodie:

Boba Fett hoodie.
Boba Fett has never looked more ronin.

Tatooine Rhapsody Poster T-Shirt:

Tatooine Rhapsody T-Shirt.
This episode looks funky.

Robo Schematic T-Shirt:

Robo T-Shirt.
Original droid designs look nice. They don’t all have to be R2-D2 clones.

Twins T-Shirt:

Twins T-Shirt.
Studio Trigger always comes up with the craziest animation.

Village Bride Reach Poster T-Shirt:

Village Bride T-Shirt.
I’m getting Seven Samurai vibes here.

Various Socks From Rock ‘Em Socks:

Star Wars: Visions socks.
Gotta catch ’em all.
Lop and Ocho socks.
For fans of both Star Wars: Visions and Zootopia.
Twins socks.
Love these deliberately mismatched socks.
Boba Fett Samurai socks.
Now you can make all the “Boba Fett? Where?” jokes you can want.
Darth Vader Samurai socks.
Well, his helmet design was based off of samurai helmets, after all.


Star Wars: Visions now has a bunch of apparel as merch. Now you can wear the first official Star Wars anime anthology in existence. The clothes are, admittedly, more than a little pricey. Even the socks go for $18 a pair. If you’re a Star Wars fan willing to shell out the money though, these may be your clothing of choice to watch the anime with when it premieres on Disney+ on September 22, 2021.