Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk, here. I’m about to drop some knowledge of some exciting stuff in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details on Pokemon. This week, we’re talking about Warcraft.

We’ve exclusively learned that a reboot of the Warcraft movie is in development over at Universal Pictures.

A Long And Storied History

Warcraft was released in 2016. Despite poor critic reviews and a lackluster domestic box office, it did well enough in international markets to keep conversations between Blizzard and Universal going.

In 2019 development started on a sequel, Warcraft 2. It would’ve brought back characters and introduced a ton more. The issue was that the pandemic began shortly as early development began. Stars were attached and dropped out of the project, and filmmakers were eyed but ultimately unavailable.

Horde Vs. Alliance Vs. Staying Relevant

As Warcraft 2 fell apart, discussions began internally about whether the studio and Blizzard wanted to reboot the franchise or continue with the established characters, actors, and lore from the first movie.

Our sources have indicated that, indeed, the studio has elected to go with a soft reboot. The soft reboot will focus on a new set of characters, not entirely ignoring the continuity of the first film but not being completely beholden to it either.

There may be older versions of characters seen in the original movie as per sources. For instance, I was told that we saw a baby version of Go’El, but he will be of adult age and go by Thrall in the planned reboot.

Story details are under tight security, but knowing that the film will move past some of the lore of the first film, expect that some characters that did not appear in that could appear in this new film.

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