It seems that we have someone here who’s a dedicated Minecraft player and a Star Wars fan. How else do you explain him trying to recreate every planet in the Star Wars galaxy, one block at a time?

The Most Dedicated Fan Ever?

Not only is this the work of a single person, but it’s entirely free as well.

As GamesRadar+ reported, it seems like both Minecraft and Star Wars have a very dedicated fan in the form of Aaron Kahn, who goes by the handle Vistachess on Reddit and VC-MC on YouTube. Apparently, this 22-year old gamer has been working ever since November 2020 to recreate the worlds of Star Wars in block form. Not only that, but he’s using canon maps to recreate those worlds in painstaking detail. In fact, the whole project apparently began when Kahn first saw this very detailed map of Tatooine. You can see images of the very impressive results below:

Mos Eisley in "Minecraft" by Aaron Kahn/Vistachess/VC-MC.
I don’t know which is more impressive: Mos Eisley, or the blocky twin suns.
Jawa Sandcrawlers in "Minecraft" by Aaron Kahn/Vistachess/VC-MC.
Wow, accurate right down to the burnt out wreckage. Either that, or it’s the Jawa flea market at work here.
Sarlacc Pit surrounded by Jabba's ships in "Minecraft" by Aaron Kahn/Vistachess/VC-MC.
I wonder if the blocky Sarlacc also moves its blocky tentacles and beak?
The Senate Building in Coruscant in "Minecraft" by Aaron Kahn/Vistachess/VC-MC.
I swear, the Senate Building looks even more like a giant mushroom than it usually does.

Thus far, as of this writing, Aaron Kahn has “only” managed to recreate the worlds of Tatooine and Coruscant in Minecraft form. However, simply recreating the planets isn’t enough for him. Kahn is actually working to make these planets into single-player RPG adventure games. They even have their own stories, quests for you to complete, and even an in-game economy for you to purchase things with. Apparently, Kahn had originally wanted to make this into a Star Wars multiplayer server-based game, but abandoned that idea after it became way too complex for him to handle. Thus, this single-player experience. Speaking as someone who almost only plays single-player games, this is fine.

Star Wars in Minecraft: What’s Next?

Rain always makes a city look more noir. Especially for a city spanning an entire planet’s surface.

As you might expect, Aaron Kahn’s project is far from over. In fact, his next Star Wars planet to recreate in Minecraft form is Naboo, based on the screenshot he posted on Reddit. Kahn then apparently plans to recreate Geonosis, Yavin 4, Kashyyyk, Kamino, Utapau, Dagobah, Nevarro, Alderaan, Mandalore, Mustafar, and more. Which may or may not necessarily be in that order. Regardless of which one he does next after Naboo though, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the finished product.

Personally speaking though: I wouldn’t mind seeing some other iconic places on this list. Specifically: the Death Star. Either the first or second one will do, but the Death Star would be a pretty neat place to explore in Minecraft form. Since the Death Stars are canonically the size of moons, that would provide a lot of space to walk around it. Heck, with the amount of interior space they would have, they would be entire maps in their own right. Maybe you could even operate the controls, and fire a blocky superlaser once you complete certain quests to boot? Granted, this is just hopeful speculation for now. We’ll just have to wait for Aaron Kahn himself to give us the news if he goes with something like that.

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