The 1st Annual Rubber Duckies: Film & TV Awards streams LIVE This Sunday, February 6th, 2022 on YouTube! (Click Here for the Streaming Page!) The Cinema Squad has assembled, to put together a list of nominees that speaks to our film community. Although The Oscars and The Golden Globes are great… It always seems as if our voices are never heard on what should be nominated. Well, that ends with The Rubber Duckies!


All last month, voting was open to the public to pick their favorites in film and television of last year. Along with categories like Best Picture and Best Screenplay, there are also categories like Best Horror Film, Best Superhero Film, and even Best Sex Scene! For the LIVE Ceremony, be prepared for some hot takes, shocking surprises, special guest announcers, crazy skits, and most importantly, a damn good time! And join us in the LIVE chat to share all of your thoughts on the winners… As well as get to know others in the film community!


After the ceremony, make sure to join us for the Rubber Duckies Afterparty! Where we will let loose and answer any and all questions you have in the LIVE chat! The location of where to stream the Afterparty will be disclosed during the official show, so make sure to not miss out!

This has been an exhaustive effort from the collaborative group The Cinema Squad… To bring YOU one of the most exciting LIVE events possible! During the show, if you are so inclined, there will be an option to leave a donation with a Super Chat to help with the continuation of more streams like this. It would be greatly appreciated! Now make sure to mark your calendars and we will see all of you THIS SUNDAY!

The 1st Annual Rubber Duckies: Film & TV Awards will be hosted by Jonathan Martinez, Shawn Jackson, Dan Eckert, Joe Permaul, and Jace Burns. It will be streaming LIVE Sunday, February 6th, 2022. On the YouTube channel “Lost in the Reel” @ 1:00 PM PST/ 4:00 PM EST. CLICK HERE FOR THE STREAMING PAGE!

 Rubber Duckies
Rubber Duckies Afterparty